Lesson From Mae Young

Old women can still get pregnant and give birth, but the baby will only be one body part


Mae Young and Hand


There comes a time in life when a woman goes through physical changes. Usually around their mid-forties to fifties, women enter a phase of life where they can no longer have children. This occurrence – menopause – ends one chapter in a women’s life while starting another. But there is a rare breed of women who somehow avoid going through the one million eggs they are born with. Actually, the only woman many have heard of avoiding menopause not named in the “Holy Bible” is Mae Young.

In 2000, at the age of seventy-six, Mae Young began a relationship with “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Henry – then nicknamed “Sexual Chocolate” – wooed Young into his bustling arms before impregnating her. No, you are not reading this incorrectly. A seventy-six year old woman somehow got pregnant. Thanks to a mix of Young’s age and Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley constantly putting the pregnant woman through tables, the baby was born premature. And by “baby”, I mean a rather large hand covered in pinkish slime similar to the ooze seen in “Ghostbusters II”.

For those who like their women a little more mature and either has yet to experience the joys of parenthood or want to have another little one, don’t think you’re out of luck with the older women. But there’s a good chance the baby won’t come out the way you believe.


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