Lesson From Mike Awesome

Thrilling fat chicks worked effectively in the 70s

Mike Awesome was one of those genetic freaks in pro-wrestling. You had a wrestler who was 6’6” that could fly over the top rope better than the Undertaker ever could, take a ton of physical abuse, and emphasized Vince McMahon’s “Wrestlers should be larger than life” belief better than most in Mike Awesome. So what did the great minds of WCW’s booking team decide to do with Awesome when he jumped ship from ECW to WCW in the spring of 2000? Instead of using Awesome to be the Goliath to many of the David’s in WCW, Mike Awesome became a wrestler infatuated with heavyset women.

Yes, Awesome was a lover of women and didn’t discriminate. Instead of focusing of on titles and putting people through tables as he did in ECW, Awesome was only interested in pleasing his female fans.

It would’ve been interesting if Awesome’s gimmick involved him saving a woman on the WCW roster, but the lack of Mike’s type caused him to change his thinking about this big women thing. Thus came “That 70s Guy” Mike Awesome. From thrilling fat chicks to being a parody of the 70s in an effort to gain some of the viewership from the white-hot “That 70s Show”, Mike Awesome had a blast during his time in WCW doing everything but wrestling. The smile on Awesome’s face night in and night out made me realize that life isn’t about what you win; it’s how you help others. And in Mike Awesome’s case, his helping the world was by thrilling fat chicks while enjoying the music, style, and vehicles of the 70s.

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