Lesson From Road Dogg & Ernest Miller

If you don’t know, you should call somebody; preferably your momma


Road Dogg WWE Catchphrase


In 1997, the former roadie of Jeff Jarrett embraced his real personality and tried to do the same for a floundering “Rock-A-Billy” Billy Gunn. Following a quick confrontation/conversation between the “Roadie” Jesse James and Gunn ended with “Rock-A-Billy” dying and “Bad Ass” being born. The tandem of the James-dubbed “Road Dogg” and Gunn would become known as the New Age Outlaws. During the Outlaws’ entrance, Dogg would cut a promo that would usually start off with him stating, “Oh you didn’t know? You betta call somebody!”

Not long after, former martial artist-turned-wrestler Ernest “The Cat” Miller entered the upper echelon of World Championship Wrestling; becoming the company’s on-screen commissioner while wrestling at the same time. Like James before him, Miller started showcasing his personality on a nightly basis, even coming up with his own catchphrase when planning to beat up an unaware opponent, “I’m gonna call your momma!” Seemingly, Miller, and to a lesser extent Road Dogg, understood just how important it was for someone to inform one’s mother about a possible hospital for the victim.

So if you don’t know something or have the chance to being beaten down in a fight, call your mother first – she’ll tell you everything you need to know, or at least won’t be concerned when her son/daughter comes home limping badly with a couple of black eyes.


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