Lesson From Scott Steiner

“‘Big Poppa Pump’ is your hookup; holler, if you hear me!” – Scott Steiner


Scott Steiner Freaks


“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner is a lot of things. Steiner is a national wrestling champion. Steiner is a tag team wrestling legend. Steiner is a former WCW World champion. Steiner is a “genetic freak”. And, according to Scott Steiner, he’s also your hook up. Hookup for what, you ask? Is it drugs, alcohol for underage kids, a new car? What kind of hookup does Scott Steiner have?

Well, the precursor to one of Steiner’s greatest catchphrases narrows who “Big Poppa Pump” will hook up – his freaky ladies, a.k.a. his “Freaks”. Steiner’s hook up is only available for the women who want to go one-on-one with “The Big Bad Booty Daddy”. These women come to find out why Steiner says, “Say something nice, I’ll make you scream twice.” Other women might say, “‘The Big Bad Booty Daddy’ will give you satisfaction!”

If you’re a man looking for a hookup, don’t ask Scott Steiner because the only people “Big Poppa Pump” gives his hookups to are his freaks out there. And if you understand that, then you can holler because you know that “Big Poppa Pump” puts the ladies in the real Steiner Recliner.

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