Lesson From Ted DiBiase

Everybody has a price, especially if you have a million dollars


Million Dollar Man Wrestler


In 1987, the WWF was graced with a man of refinement, a man of money. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase entered the wrestling federation via vignettes featuring his luxurious lifestyle. Limousines, caviar, buying chewing gum with $100 dollar bills were the norm for DiBiase. It didn’t take long before his lifestyle flowed from the video screens into the arena. With his butler/bodyguard/janitor Virgil by his side, “The Million Dollar Man” – sporting a custom-made, gold-studded, dollar-sign-covered suit – would enter building after building with an offer to anyone and everyone in attendance: do something for DiBiase’s entertainment and he’d give you a triple digit payoff.

But like the local carnival, DiBiase’s “games” were usually rigged and the participants doomed to fail thanks to the interference hands (and at times, feet) of Virgil. DiBiase got his kicks off and the fan walked away the same way they stepped up, just with less dignity.

If you’re a millionaire and enjoy humiliating people with the “promise” of a hefty payoff, know that everyone has a price point where they’ll do anything from dribbling a basketball fifteen times in a row to actually kissing your feet to get paid.

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