Life’s Truest Ceremony

“But such that life is aligned with death’s assignment. Don’t let it define you, you define it.” – Kno


As someone who has attended and participated in many a funeral, I must say the process is nothing short of exhausting. For many, the rolling of your eyes following that previous sentence wouldn’t be unnecessary. Handling death in any form is exhausting for the average individual. The process of witnessing someone’s life fade away leaves you a little (or a lot) less human. By the time their funeral comes, you’ve grown tired and, maybe, harder. Your heart doesn’t beat the same. Your breathing is heavier. And the world around you feels colder, less vibrant, and more unyielding.

Then something happens. That “something” is the funeral itself. It’s there where you realize your feelings, while poignant, aren’t true representations of what you’re experiencing. As tales roll off people’s tongues, you’re reminded of the person who has passed was, is and forever will be in the hearts of those who too cared for him or her. While the ceremony itself is somber, what it showcases isn’t how powerful death is. Rather, a funeral displays is the power of life, and how that life no longer a part of this world impacted not only yourself, but also others.

Though the pain of death stings for an insurmountable time, the fact is death and the subsequent funeral is the greatest proof of life’s power.

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