Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole

Background: Michael Elgin survived another encounter with Davey Richards to not only deliver another Match of the Year candidate, but also earn a spot in the tournament’s quarterfinals before beating Brian Cage and Ricochet. Adam Cole showed his “evil” side and ended the hopes of the previous year’s “BOLA” winner by pinning El Generico, then Eddie Edwards, and submitting Sami Callihan to set up the finale.


Battle of Los Angeles: Night 2

Reseda, CA

September 2, 2012


Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole



Cole rushed Elgin at the bell, only to be tossed to the floor. Cole caught Elgin running with an enzuguri, but couldn’t capitalize when the cross body block turned into a fall away slam by Elgin. Both men were on the floor, with Cole using a fan to protect him. Forearming Cole, Elgin hit a backbreaker by using the ring’s edge. Elgin was carrying Cole around the crowd, slamming him on the wooden floor. Series of knees to Cole’s face finally sent the action back into the ring. Cole caught Elgin climbing onto the apron with a slingshot DDT for a two count. Rather than stay in the ring, Cole wanted to German suplex Elgin across the apron. Instead, Cole felt an apron air raid crash … for another two count!

Tumbleweed missed for Elgin, giving Cole the chance to hit not one, but two shining wizards. Elgin actually caught Cole with an O’Connor roll, using it to German suplex Cole when he kicked out. Spinning back fist didn’t drop Cole, but a sick clothesline did. The fans were solidly behind Elgin as he rallied to his feet, hitting the turnbuckle bomb. Showing incredible strength, Cole countered the Spiral Bomb with that over the knee brain buster for the near fall. Rather than go for another high impact maneuver, Cole tried to make Elgin tap in the figure four leg lock. Thankfully for Elgin, he was close enough to the ropes to save himself. Elgin saved himself from the second submission attempt, but found himself in the Florida Key … for a two count!

Stopping the figure four with a small package, Elgin hit a spinning back fist-turnbuckle bomb-Spiral Bomb combination to gain a near fall of his own! The crowd couldn’t believe the kick out occurred, but still supported Elgin. Putting Cole on the top rope proved detrimental for Elgin as Cole turned his super bomb attempt into a sunset bomb. Elgin was furious when he kicked out of Cole’s follow up pin, hitting that suplex into the sidewalk slam … to gain another two count!

Both men pulled themselves up, with Cole finally hitting the Panama Sunrise. Elgin bounced off of his head, onto his feet for a pair of super kicks and the Florida Key … to become the 2012 BOLA winner!


Winner: Adam Cole (13:14)


Is It A Classic: Both men shined over the course of the tournament for different reasons – Elgin’s repeated fantastic performances and Cole’s attitude – so it was wonderful that it came down to two of the men not really favored to win. Cole’s win immediately put him at the top of the card in PWG and for good reason as his first main event in the promotion was the perfect way to cap off the tournament.

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