Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins

Background: It was a special challenge bout for Truth Martini’s monster Michael Elgin as he took on the technical high flyer TJ Perkins.


Final Battle 2011

New York, NY

December 23, 2011


Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins



Elgin easily powered Perkins across the ring during the initial collar & elbow tie ups. Perkins decided to change the pace by angering the big man to set up a hit and run approach. Big cross body block took Elgin over the top rope, and allowed TJ to feign a dive to the floor. When Perkins went to somersault on top of the running Elgin, Michael caught him, using a reverse Oklahoma stampede against the barricades!

A near fall for Elgin following the devastating maneuver. Perkins somehow fought back, looking for a head scissors. Once again, Elgin’s strength allowed Michael to block the attack, backbreaking Perkins. The fans were behind TJ as Elgin tried to crush Perkins with his massive arms. Perkins heard the fans, elbowing his way to freedom before hitting the ropes. Perkins executed a unique head scissors that sent Elgin to the floor prior to connecting with a somersault plancha. Perkins landing a missile dropkick when the action returned inside for a two count of his own. Elgin easily stopped a sunset flip attempt, but not the sweep into the corkscrew senton. Perkins was ready to fly. Elgin stopped TJ’s ascent with a right hand. Looking for a superplex was Elgin until Perkins fought him off. Perkins dove off the ropes, getting caught in a suplex position that Elgin turned into a sidewalk slam … for a two count!

Perkins blocked the Spiral Bomb, but not the torture rack backbreaker for another two count. Perkins used the ropes to pull himself up, leaping over the coming Elgin before neck breaking the big. “Unbreakable” blocked the running double knees, turnbuckle bombing TJ in position for the Spiral Bomb. Perkins turned the maneuver against Elgin, hitting a reverse hurricarana … for another near fall!

Elgin stopped the Detonation Kick only to get super kicked. Spinning back fist by Elgin set up the turnbuckle bomb-Spiral Bomb combination for the three count.


Winner: Michael Elgin (7:35)


Is It A Classic: A solid clash of styles that opened the show in a good way, but not the most outstanding encounter. More time and a reason to care from an emotional perspective would’ve probably produced a classic.


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