Mr. Wrestling II vs. Magnum TA

Background: Wrestling newcomer Terry Allen – who would become known as “Magnum TA” – gained the attention of not only the fans, but also Mr. Wrestling II who hitched his wagon to the youngster in hopes of becoming a successful tag team. But Magnum’s inexperience was getting on II’s nerves to the point he left his partner high & dry in a tag team match with The Midnight Express. Mr. Wrestling II became the North American Heavyweight champion soon after – giving Magnum TA even more reason to come after him.


Mid-South Wrestling

Oklahoma City, OK

May 1984


Mr. Wrestling II vs. Magnum TA



The match was joined in progress with TA taking the fight to the champ. Being more powerful, TA was able to put Wrestling II in a bad position. A referee collision occurred as TA bounced off the ropes to shoulder block the champ. Mr. Wrestling II took his chance, driving TA into the steel ring post face first to split the challenger’s forehead. The champ smartly wanted the count-out victory, but TA refused to say die and stay down. So Mr. Wrestling II simply punched and stomped the lacerated head of his adversary. There were several edits throughout the match until TA avoided a running knee in the corner. Fired up and ready to throw hands, TA lit the champion up and allowed him to gain several near falls after big strikes as the fans went wild. Mr. Wrestling II was out on his feet until the running forearm drilled him. Double knockdown after the Irish whip put both men in position for the final big maneuver. TA’s hip toss to free himself from the abdominal stretch sent II flying into the referee for another knockdown and an allowance of some interference from II’s new masked protégé. The running knee from II was the plan of attack, but the challenger was aware. Sidestepping II, Magnum rolled up the champ to pick up the three count! New champion!


Winner: Magnum TA (5:00 shown)


Is It A Classic: It’s hard to judge the match as it was heavily clipped and could’ve been better or worst than what the highlights shown. The fans loved everything, so it must’ve been a proper end to the feud in full. Really wish we could’ve seen it all.

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