My Song – Fight

It was the first time you heard a particular note, drum beat or electronically created sound that made your ears tingle, your heart skip a beat and resonated with your soul. This is “My Song” – a series where the music that makes the person is spotlighted. James Bullock writes about a song representing the action-packed television series of his youth.


Aw, the summer of 1993. I was not long into my ninth year of existence – growing taller, wider and “wiser”. Yet not much had changed in my tastes from previous years (as with most children). I still liked monster trucks. I still liked wrestling. And through the magic of animated television, I liked martial arts featuring mutated turtles that enjoyed pizza. So colored me surprised when I saw the frenetic advertisements for a new series airing on FOX midway through 1993.

This show would feature a bunch of ordinary kids with the ability to morph into costumed superheroes before fighting creatures both large and small thanks to their martial arts skills and extraordinary weaponry. If you haven’t put two and two together yet, the series I’m referring to is none other than the “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”. The strange mix of American and Japanese filmed footage graced my television screen more than on a daily basis (all thanks to my VCR).

Just as much as the action and absurdity stuck with me so did the series’ tunes. During various episodes, fight scenes would feature Ron Wasserman’s musical talents being utilized to great effect. One song in particular became my favorite and still reminds me to this day how, for a few years, all of my friends and I wanted to be Putty butt-kicking Power Rangers.


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