New Year’s Vigor

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 


What does the new year mean to you? Is it a time of deep reflection? A time when your past worries or triumphs come back in vivid form? Does it become that part of the year that leaves you wanting more, or leaving you satisfied with everything you’ve already done or haven’t completed? For many, like myself, it’s all of those aforementioned feelings and then some.

Coming into the new year brings a sense of introspection rarely given thought to throughout the year. We think about loved ones who have passed both recently and years ago; wondering what they’d think of the world today and how we ourselves are living. The goals that weren’t fulfilled either haunt us or are pushed into the next year looking to be accomplished again. The moments we created and shared with others and ourselves shine like the noonday sun. Then the biggest question springs to mind: Have I become the person I set out to be a year ago?

Though many consider the new year the launch pad of a new start to various goals and achievements, the truth is with each new year brings a continuation of this journey we call “life”. No matter the time or the season, we should strive to press forward. With the new year comes a revitalization of fortitude and determination. Don’t let that feeling slip away just because the year is progressing. Keep the same vigor and desire in your heart that you felt in the new year throughout your existence.

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