Nostalgia Love

“People who say that yesterday was better than today are ultimately devaluing their own existence.” – Karl Lagerfeld


Nostalgia is a fun, little mental device for people. For the longest time, the term “nostalgia” was mostly used as a synonym for homesickness – especially for soldiers fighting far away from home. With more research on the term so has come the changing of “nostalgia’s” definition and how almost any and everyone has experienced that sentimental feeling. I myself can become overtaken by a need to look at old pictures, read past journal entries or even pull out my partially working CD player just to hear the skipping tunes from discs worn from too many rotations.

Age, growing responsibilities, and simply life itself comes at you so quickly that the times that felt so precious pass too quickly and leaves a person wishing for those days of yore. But there in lies that problem with nostalgia – an individual can become so complacent in pondering and remembering the past that the present’s significance is lost forever. The current time and day bleeds into the next and leaves no inedible mark, but only because that person not experiencing what could be loves what used to be a little too much.

It’s fun to remember, think back and reminisce. But to get lost in the “greatness” of one’s past takes away the enjoyment of living in profound, possibly more important moments that will reverberate beyond comprehension.

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