On one of pro-wrestler Colt Cabana’s (@ColtCabana) recent “Art of Wrestling” podcasts (www.welovecolt.com), Cabana had fellow wrestler and current Ring of Honor Television champion Adam Cole (@AdamColePro) on to talk about life. There, Cole revealed a story about wrestling destroying his chances with a woman. One week later, fellow World Wrestling Insanity writer and ClubWWI contributor Corey Letson  (@ThisCoreyLetson) told his own story of wrestling intercepting his chances with a woman. As I’ve stated on Twitter and on the World Wrestling Insanity message board, I have a story about wrestling and women not mixing starring yours truly. While Adam and Corey walked through the door to only back out at the last second, I, on the other hand, never even touched the doorknob.

I was in the ninth grade when my encounter happened. That cold January morning produced some snow and sleet, but not enough to force school to close, delaying the school’s opening for two hours. With the class times ruined by the late opening, I found myself sitting around with fellow classmates during my first class (photography) with not much to do. So, as I did every time I got a new wrestling magazine in the mail, I pulled out some reading material. That day’s magazine of choice was a new issue of WWF Raw featuring Mick Foley on the cover. As I got comfortable for a nice, short read until it was time to shuffle to my next class, a cute girl approached me. I won’t put her name out there since we still are friends, and she can be easily found through my Facebook profile, so lets just call her “C.G.”. Now, I thought C.G. was a very pretty girl from the first day I saw her, but I was too shy to do anything about that back then.

So, C.G. came up to me with a question, “Who’s your favorite wrestler?”

Mind you, this is 2000, and everyone and their mother watched wrestling then.

Before I could answer, C.G. said, “I love The Rock. He’s so fine. You know, you kinda look like The Rock.”

Okay, so here’s where some Algebra comes in. If C.G. thinks The Rock is cute, and believes I have some facial features of Dwayne Johnson (because I for don’t have The Rock’s body, that for sure), then that means she thinks I’m cute as well.

Rather than take the compliment for what it was (incredible), I decided to show my sheer obviousness and wrestling nerdiness by explaining why Triple H (yes, I was a Triple H fan) is better than The Rock. Following by three-minute diatribe, C.G. stood before me confused at the Triple H propaganda I just threw out.

Several seconds later, C.G. shook the mental cobwebs away, starting to smile again. Though I had crushed her hopes of us having a favorite wrestler in common, C.G. refused to be denied in her pursuit.

This time, C.G. had a proposition, “You wanna go and hang out around N Hall?”

To put N Hall in perspective for you, N Hall contained the best bathrooms for students on the campus-like high school. So what did the students do in those bathrooms? Everything but use the bathroom for what they’re made for (if you catch my drift).

For some reason, the Mick Foley interview was so enthralling I decided to forgo my chances with C.G. to find out what riveting question Foley would answer next. Spurned by this guy who had no idea what she was intending to do with him in N Hall, C.G. returned to her table to watch the clock like the rest of us.

I didn’t think about the encounter for years until C.G. brought it up during our junior year. Realizing how oblivious I was to her advances had us laughing to near tears. It’s funny how something so silly as pro-wrestling can make you not see the forest from the trees. Or in my case – cause you to miss out on an N Hall session with a cute girl.

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