Other’s Expectations

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”  – Bruce Lee


It is instilled in us at an early age to gain knowledge from those around us. Mostly our parents and other authority figures go out of their way to guide us in the direction they believe will help us grow into responsible, productive members of society. And as we get older, more and more do we rely on their words and opinions to dictate our progression.

Though it is wonderful to be able to get advice, counsel, knowledge and even a little discipline from individuals who have “been there & done that” or even peers we trust, at times we hinge our lives on what they think we should do or what they see us doing. They have a vision for us that we either attempt to make a reality or cast aside.

Trying to live up to or match those one-sided expectations can result in disappointment and, ultimately, the truest form failure as someone never becomes the person they were once destined to be. To base one’s potential on the beliefs of what others see you doing will not allow you to reach your goals, achieve your dreams or feel that you’ve truly lived.

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