Polished Words

“Polish every word with thoughtfulness before you send it on its way.” – Alvin Conway


There are quite a few people I know who have a way with words, but not in the same way usually praised. In essence, they have what my older relatives used to call, “Foot-in-mouth disease.” These people usually say things either at the wrong time, the wrong way, or saying something in a way that it could be easily taken out of context (that’s not to say I’m foreign to suffering from the aforementioned “disease”). In this fast-moving world of ours, it’s easy to make a passing comment that can offend or upset those around you without evening knowing the act you’ve committed and the aftermath said words could or have caused. Usually it’s a lot easier to speak than to think; yet the prior is the one that causes troubles more often than not. So try to think before you speak and choose your words carefully. Your statements could mean the difference between peace & harmony or strife & discord no matter the situation.

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