From My Perspective

Everyone has a different view of what has or hasn’t happened in pro-wrestling. In Capricorn City you’ll get James Bullock’s perspective on past, present, maybe even future happenings in wrestling, lists, what if situations, and whatever comes to James’ mind.

Wrestling Life Lessons

Over the course of his many years as a wrestling fan, James Bullock has learned hundreds of lessons while watching the “sport of kings”. It would be a diservice for James not to let you know what wrestling has taught him.

Classic Match of the Week

Once a week, James Bullock will review a match that happened during that week and tell you if it’s worth searching out for; let alone watch.

Classic Show of the Month

Once a month, one wrestling event that occured in that month will be examined and analysed by James Bullock. With James’ review you’ll know if this past show is worth its weight in the history books, or a complete dud.