Push Yourself

Recently, an unexpected amount of yard work figuratively fell into my lap while I was in the middle of completely some planned grass cutting. Almost a couple of hours after beginning my original task, I attempted to start another venture that would change my scheduled afternoon (and potential evening) if I looked to finish the job started by others. I was barely into this latest project when the person responsible for the situation that had unfolded felt it was too much of a chore for one day. Then a procrastinator’s greatest phrase started rolling through my mind, “I can do it tomorrow.”

Yeah, I can do it tomorrow. Instead of buckling down and spending possibly the next hour to two hours working to finish what I had started, I could just quit, go in the house, get some water and play Xbox. As my gloves slid from my hands my mind switched gears. Why would I let the lackadaisical attitude of others rub off on me? I had the energy to do the job now and do it right. A little over an hour later I had finished what I set my mind to, gotten a great workout and was able to avoid a rainy afternoon that would follow some twenty-four hours later (a rain shower I would’ve inevitably been caught in if I gave into quitting the day before).

If you find yourself giving up during the simplest of tasks and situations, what can you except will happen when you’re really tested by circumstances that could shape the rest of your life? To truly reach your potential, one has to push beyond the comfort of quitting when it seems like the easiest choice to make.

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