Quitting Cost

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.” –        Marilyn vos Savant


It seems that in the society we live in now its much easier and somewhat more acceptable to throw in the towel on not only your hopes and dreams, but also life itself. The fact is life isn’t easy. We will struggle and fight for what we want and believe in, and a lot of times we will ultimately fail. In the end, the conclusion isn’t some Hollywood, everything-works-out situation, but a moment where you sit and wonder, “What went wrong?”

It’s at the moment where you must step back and look at your defeat from an objective standpoint. Is what I’m working towards or fighting for worth the time and effort? If you find the pros outweigh the cons, press forward. If you don’t, your choice to quit will haunt you in you waking hours. It will make you question who you truly are. And most importantly, giving up on something you truly believe in because you were defeated in one, two, or even a hundred quests will stop you from becoming the person you knew you were meant to be.

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