Razor Ramon vs. The Kid

Background: After spending weeks losing to a who’s who of WWF Superstars, The Kid found himself in the ring with another big name in “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon.


Monday Night Raw

New York, NY

May 17, 1993


Razor Ramon vs. The Kid  



The Kid with “L. Kid” on the back of his tights had been known as “Lightning Kid” and “Cannonball Kid” in the WWF thus far, but hadn’t found any success. It seemed that trend would continue as Ramon not only tossed his much smaller opponent around, but also chopped him down with ease. The abdominal stretch had Kid screaming in agony, as did the subsequent fall away slam. Rather than go for the pin, Ramon slapped Kid around prior to whipping him into the corner. Kid avoided the incoming “Bad Guy” knocking him backwards without touching the big man. The Kid came off the top with a moonsault that saw his knee collide with Razor’s head right between Ramon’s eyes. The Kid hooked both legs, holding Ramon down for the shocking three count! The Kid did it!


Winner: The Kid (2:17)


Is It A Classic: It wasn’t a classic match in the least, but a classic moment. As Vince McMahon would say every night, “Anything can happen in the WWF.” There was no better example of McMahon’s words coming true than this grand moment that catapulted The Kid’s career. For fans nowadays, imagine Kalisto beating Randy Orton clean as a whistle and you’d understand why it was such a monumental occurrence back then.

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