Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff

Background: In the long-running storyline between WCW and the NWO, Ric Flair stood up to WCW President and NWO member Eric Bischoff; challenging him to the match where the stipulation stated Flair would run WCW for 30 days if he won or be fired if he lost.


Monday Nitro

Baltimore, MD

December 28, 1998


Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff



Bischoff had the Goldberg-esque entrance … or so everyone thought as he took a walk past the entrance and headed for his limo. Come to find out, the Four Horsemen were in the limo waiting to carry Bischoff to the ring to officially start this one. And Flair was unadulterated dirty in his attack as the fans cheered in approval. With “Lil’ Naitch” Charles Robinson as the referee, Flair had the free will to low blow, claw & gouge his opponent’s face. Even The “B-Team” of the New World Order came running out, only to be easily disposed of by the Horsemen. Then The Giant entered the fray and Flair was left to be battered. Decked in NWO attire, Randy Savage came to the ring … to low blow The Giant! The fans were going wild as a recovered Flair hoisted Bischoff into the air for the suplex. Cinching in the Figure Four Leg Lock, Flair forced a bellowing Bischoff to tap out.


Winner: Ric Flair (4:04)


Is It A Classic: Was it a classic in stereotypical wrestling fashion? In no way, shape or form. Was it satisfying as the NWO finally got some type of comeuppance? Most definitely – and the fans reacted justly. That was a great way to end the year for WCW during a time when it seemed the NWO was unstoppable.

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