Rick & Morty Season 3 Life Lessons: Episode 1

There are very few things stronger than the bond between a grandfather and his grandchild; but usually that relationship isn’t based around the pair traveling through multiple dimensions, killing aliens, and the elder generally not giving squanch. Over the course of two seasons and now a third so much life-changing information has been bestowed upon the world for those really hoping to become better (or maybe worst) people. Wubba lubba dub dub, it’s time to learn some “Rick & Morty” life lessons!


Not Every Mad Scientist (and the Like) Has a Tragic Origin Story



During the harrowing conclusion of “Rick & Morty” season two, Rick Sanchez turned himself in to the Galactic Federation to save the lives of his family and being considered fugitives on the run. The main reason for Rick’s arrest is to figure out the truth as to how he discovered inter-dimensional travel and thus created his infamous portal gun. Stuck in a mind-computer link, Rick has the option of giving up the information the Federation wants of him or have his brain melted against his will. Rick apparently accepts his fate by admitting the day he created his portal gun was the same day he lost the most important people in his life – his original wife and daughter. In his memories, Rick is able to see a younger version of himself trying to invent teleportation before another Rick – one apparently hardened by his travels – reveals the impending future of the original Rick if Sanchez invents the portal gun. Opting to be a “different kind of Rick,” the blue pants-wearing Rick witnesses the tragedy that turned him from a man into an unfeeling ghost.

Seeing the results of his interrogation, the Federation official looks to exit the mind-link when he discovers Rick didn’t let it see a true memory, but a fabricated origin story that allows Rick to send a virus through the very same machine preparing to melt his brain. Though origin stories are true for a majority of comic book characters and even individuals encountered throughout the many universes seen during “Rick & Morty’s” two seasons thus far, understand that not every sociopath proclaiming to be the smartest person in the galaxy has a tried & true tragic origin story that turned him into the man we know and, depending on who you are, love or hate (or at least that we know of at this point).



The Government Can be Collapsed with the Changing of its Currency



After tricking the Galactic Federation’s interrogator into infecting the mind-link system, Rick is able to infiltrate both the Federation’s prison housing Rick and the Citadel of Ricks – the once secret headquarters for the Council of Ricks (a society of Ricks from hundreds of dimensions that made their own society outside of Galactic Federation’s jurisdiction). With Rick moving across several bodies via involuntary mind-linkage, the Sanchez family’s patriarch not only destroys the Citadel of Ricks, but also saves his grandchildren Summer and Morty from sure death. Entering the Federation’s mainframe, Rick is able to finish his mission with the touch of a button and dropping the Federation’s single centralized currency’s value from a dollar to nothing. Rick’s action sets off a chain of chaotic events that include everything from people fighting over pants to the apparent Federation’s president committing suicide. Revolutionaries have long tried many different methods to overthrow the government, but the only thing necessary to accomplish that goal is by destroying the economy with a simple changing of one number.



McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce is the be-all-end-all



In 1998, the Disney film “Mulan” shook up the world not for just being an awesome movie, but also creating a McDonalds cross-promotional event featuring a one-of-a-kind Szechuan sauce that lasted only a limited time. The sauce’s quality is one of the few real things connected to Rick’s faux origin story and something that, almost twenty years later, still haunts Rick because he didn’t get enough. After causing his son-in-law Jerry to give Rick’s daughter Beth an ultimatum in regards to Beth choosing between her husband and her father, Rick reveals to his grandson the purpose of everything he does in life including destroying the government, breaking up Jerry & Beth, and even killing multiple versions of himself: that McDonalds Szechuan sauce. If it takes nine seasons or even ninety years, the only thing that matters in one’s quest for accomplishment is finding any remaining “Mulan” McNugget sauce.


Mini Lessons: Pills are an alien’s food of choice; don’t take “ghoulish overkill” seriously when someone is trying to talk sense into you; heroes make it up as they go along; building a spaceship that can teleport by tapping a few buttons & turning dials is a bad design; always read the note on the gun your partner gives you in the case of a standoff/hostage situation; whoever controls the pants controls the galaxy; crawl to safety if the government collapses; don’t make your wife choose between you and her abrasive father who easily abandons his family and returns nonchalantly to warm welcomes from her; a man’s garage is his castle.


(Gif credit: Rick & Morty Gifs Reddit)

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