Rick & Morty Season 3 Life Lessons: Episode 6

There are very few things stronger than the bond between a grandfather and his grandchild; but usually that relationship isn’t based around the pair traveling through multiple dimensions, killing aliens, and the elder generally not giving squanch. Over the course of two seasons and now a third so much life-changing information has been bestowed upon the world for those really hoping to become better (or maybe worst) people. Wubba lubba dub dub, it’s time to learn some “Rick & Morty” life lessons!


Your Toxicity is Holding You Back



The premise of “Rick & Morty” is a simple one: a grandfather & grandson pair go on intergalactic adventures that can result in copious amounts of praise and the renewal of faith in alien peoples. But the reality of these adventures are two people emotionally & physically broken over near-death experiences and the potential need to die because of their personal worthlessness or being too smart for their own good (specifically Rick when it comes to the latter). The most recent, six-day-long battle toward a space lobster’s reproductive system left Rick & Morty lamenting over their latest brush with death while declaring the need for a vacation. Finally taking care of themselves, the duo go to the best spa in the galaxy to get detoxified; but something apparently goes wrong when the machine responsible for helping them explodes and leaves Rick & Morty as goo men in an irradiated land. After lambasting his grandson for his lack of intelligence or backbone, Rick figures out that the machine did work and the beings talking to each other are physical manifestations of the toxins drawn from the real Rick & Morty.



No longer held back by the limitations caused by toxic mindsets, the healthy versions of the show’s focal characters take two distinctly different routes in living life: Rick trying to be a sensible master of his own domain while Morty becomes the highly intelligent, carefree, socially adept guru who can easily convince a grown woman to come home with him as he’s able to throw out wise cracks that gets his entire class out early. Unfortunately for Morty – who gets his date with long-time infatuation Jessica due to his new personality, only for her to be scared off by his eccentric nature that she believes will get tired of her sooner than later – Rick needs to make things right in his mind by hoping to merge with his toxic side after getting a message from the pained being. While Rick accepts his flaws (ironically enough, loving his grandchildren is considered a “flaw” to Rick) and opts to merge with, as his daughter Beth said, his “booger version” while Morty tries to live the life worthy of “Healthy Morty”. Rick, now infused with his toxicity once again, tricks Morty into getting infused with toxic Morty so everything could go back to normal after his grandson became this generation’s “Wolf of Wall Street”.



If you’ve ever wondered what’s holding you back from becoming the best person you can be it’s quite simple: toxins – toxins invading your body & mind, corrupting you on a daily basis and turning you into a sniveling mass of uselessness that no one would want to date, hire, or take advice from including that girl who knows the safe word.



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