Samoa Joe vs. Amazing Red

Background: Only several days before facing the X-Division champion AJ Styles, Samoa Joe took the challenge of Amazing Red on an episode of “Impact!”



Orlando, FL

November 28, 2005


Samoa Joe vs. Amazing Red


Samoa Joe vs Amazing Red


The fans were warning Red that his opponent was going to kill him. Using a hit & run approach, Red sailed across the ring until he was turned upside down by a sick clothesline. The Samoa Joe combo ended with a sternum-crushing knee drop. Rather than go for the pin following his attacks (including a follow up running knee in the corner), Joe looked to deliver more punishment. Alex Shelley, who made his way to the ring to film this match on his Paparazzi Cam, accidentally prevented Joe from face washing Red with his boot; inadvertently giving Red the chance to recover and catch the future X Division title challenger with a spin kick.

The crowd was rocking as Red used a hurricarana to put Joe in position for his standing shooting star press attack that gained the much smaller Red a two count. Seemingly staggered, Joe easily caught the running Red; power slamming him. Red was out on his feet as Joe hoisted him onto the top turnbuckle for the Muscle Buster. The potential pin fall wasn’t good enough for Samoa Joe, causing him to lock in the Coquina Clutch to make Red tap out.


Winner: Samoa Joe (2:35)


Is It A Classic: A typical Samoa Joe squash featuring a David vs. Goliath style story. That’s not to say it was a bad match. Actually Joe worked really well with Red, making him seem like a potential giant killer before the inevitable slaughter. If anyone wants to see why Samoa Joe had such an incredible aura during his early days in TNA, check out this bout.


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