Schism Ch. 1 – Pt. 5: Crying Out

Last Time: Following my question about what needed to be done to settle the church’s problems, Pastor Payton was confronted by an old statement that heard Payton give his opinion on people praying in front of the congregation.


February 29th, 2010


Moving to the next person with his hand up – Chairman of the Trustee Board Sinclair Millard – Pastor Payton changed the topic thinking everyone would forget about him stating people who aren’t ready to pray before the congregation shouldn’t. Instead of directing his question to Pastor or the Deacon Board, Trustee Millard spoke at Dana Carey again by stating she shouldn’t have the positions she had at that time (being in charge of the church’s taxes). Everyone felt this was a step backwards, causing Pastor Payton to move on. But Trustee Millard wasn’t done; he was only biding his time.

Chairman of the Deacon Board Dewey Holly wanted to tell us something real quick, “You know, I’ve seen a lot of things over the past few years. Since I’ve become a deacon, I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. You all can’t comprehend what I’ve seen because you’re just looking in the physical. I’m looking at everything in the spiritual.”

With the meeting finally coming to a close, Tr. Millard decided it was time to go for broke. Tr. Millard returned to a standing position to declare his disgust over the favoritism shown for the sick.

Tr. Millard informed Pastor Payton that he knew no one put Millard or his family’s names on the church bulletin’s Sick List when Millard’s sister was ill and Tr. Millard was about to have surgery.

“But when Dcn. Holly came back, you all prayed for him,” Trustee Millard said. “You thanked God for him when he came back to church. But you never prayed for me.”

Tr. Millard shook with passion and emotion as he bellowed out, “Pastor Payton … why can’t my name be called?”

Everyone started laughing over Millard’s comment. Pastor Payton went on the offensive, bringing up the fact that no one knew Millard was getting surgery and Miller should’ve told someone so they could put it on the church bulletin’s prayer list. With that Pastor Payton called for an end to this extended call meeting. Before we could get to our closing prayer, Deacon Roscoe Calhoun demanded all of us read and meditate on John 13:35. Pastor Payton made sure to put Millard’s name on the Throne of Grace during the closing prayer at 2:40 p.m.


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