Schism Ch. 2 – Pt. 1: Opening Barrage

Last Time: A letter was written and delivered to the church that allowed members to stand up and voice their opinions about the church’s current happenings. These happenings/conflicts created the need for another call meeting.


December 4th, 2010


Chairman of the Deacon Board Dewey “Doughy” Holly was the first to speak – stating that he was so disgruntled over the last Call Meeting that he demanded Pastor Cyrus Payton and the Deacon Board set up another meeting. According to Dcn. Holly, nothing was accomplished in the eight months since the last meeting in regards to the pastor’s relationship with the Deacon Board. Dcn. Holly revealed that the deacons and Pastor Payton had a sit-down conversation last week and witnessed the same problems in that meeting that they had during previous conversations.

Deacon Samuel Travis expressed his belief that there’s no fellowship between the deacons and Pastor Payton because the pastor only wanted to hold meetings after service – something against the deacons’ wishes.

Dcn. Travis felt that Pastor Payton was also responsible for the church’s attendance dropping off in recent years, “…because it starts at the top!”

Travis’ next statement summed up his feelings, “It’s a team effort. Without that team effort, nothing’s gonna happen!”

The Deacon Board’s verbal unity was echoing out when Deacon Roscoe Calhoun stood up and proclaimed every miscommunication between themselves and Pastor Payton in previous meetings was due to that lack of time and fellowship. Not only that, but Dcn. Calhoun wanted to know what Pastor Payton’s true vision was for the church.

Rather than let Pastor Payton tell us he vision for the church then, Dcn. Calhoun continued by bringing up a recent sermon that Payton preached where Dcn. Calhoun, “…saw the flesh rise in Payton.”

Like his fellow deacon, Dcn. Calhoun tried to summarize his feelings in a single statement, “Is we on Jesus’ side?”

Dcn. Calhoun, rather than stop there, gave his spiritual rendition of The Temptations’ Ball of Confusion, “Look at us. We goin’ round and round. We don’t know where the world’s headed. We don’t even know where the church’s headed! It’s just a ball of confusion. That’s what the world is today. Just a big ball of confusion!”

Stomping his right foot, Dcn. Calhoun declared, “If Pastor ain’t doin’ right, we need to come together against him. Just so y’all know – this call meeting ain’t for the deacons. There’s a whole lotta Hell in (the church). And I just pray that God gets the glory when all of this gets right.”

Likewise, Deacon Carlton Stevens said that the deacons’ words are of truth and justice.

Deacon Bill “Asphalt” Richards was the last to speak for the Deacon Board. Dcn. Richards talked about his visions of what a deacon does (mentoring, studying under the pastor, being looked upon as a community leader) being dashed when he became a deacon, “I haven’t learned a thing.”

Dcn. Stevens – like his fellow deacons – wanted a relationship between himself and his pastor, but also needed Pastor Payton to know that our (the congregation’s) salvation is in Payton’s hands.


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      Thanks for reading. I hate to be the guy to say, “Keep reading, you’ll find out,” but that’s what you’ll have to do. Thanks again.

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