Schism Ch. 2 – Pt. 7: Rectify

Last Time: The Deacon Board brought forth an old report of Pastor Cyrus Payton to discredit his name and actions before he became the pastor of the church.


December 4th, 2010


Pastor Payton verbally noted that he knows a significant portion of the congregation doesn’t appreciate his view of the Baptist church, “You need to remember that you are Christians first, that just happen to be in a Baptist church.”

With a sneering face, Sister Juanita Greene remarked, “We already know that.”

Brother Herbert Jacobs, like myself, wanted to know what the “issues” hindering the church’s progression were and who could come up with some solutions. Before he could get an answer, Bro. Jacob made sure the church leaders knew how disappointed he was about this entire situation because his family came to him for guidance. Sadly for Bro Jacobs, the people he looked up to the most – the church leaders – weren’t providing him the teachings he needed to the properly educate his family.

Bro. Jacobs closed out with this: “It’s sad that a lot of people aren’t getting anything out of the church anymore.”

Deacon Dewey Holly expressed his disgruntlement with the congregation by saying, “Y’all need to figure out where you want the church to go. I can’t solve that for you. Pastor Payton knows this and he needs to get it right. And I don’t care who doesn’t like what I just said. I don’t care if you like me or you don’t. I’m not going to lose my salvation for (this church). And if there’s another meeting, [lowering his voice] I’m not coming.”

Brother Matthew Walker couldn’t stand it anymore, moving from his seat to speak up, “We’ve been sitting here for over four hours and we haven’t done nothing! We could solve three problems right now by doing items B (Start time of church services), D (Presentations during church services) and F (Depletion of the Senior Choir).”

First item to address was B. In a little over five minutes, it was decided that Sunday School would conclude at 10:35; Praise Service would go from 10:45-11:00; and the actual service started at 11:00, with or without Pastor Payton. Second discussion was in regard to the Senior Choir.

Solution: Senior Choir controlled the 1st Sunday because, according to Brother Walker, “They are the best thing going. Singin’ for the Lord like nobody’s business.”

Following a huge ovation for Bro. Walker after his comments, presentations was talked about. A three-minute debate ended with the decision that presentations would happen after service. Three issues were rectified in less than fifteen minutes.

Dcn. Holly felt there was another problem that could be solved quickly – an explanation about the Pastor Aid committee’s usage of its money.

President of the Pastor Aid, Amos “Baritone” Macklin, defended the Pastor Aid’s actions for the simple fact no one in the Deacon Board ever confronted him on the problems when they felt the money wasn’t being handled properly.

Stomping his foot, Brother Macklin said, “I am a man, Deacon Holly! And if you needed to say something to me, you could have told me. Maybe the problem is there are no deacons on the Pastor Aid.”

Dcn. Holly replied, almost stumbling over his words, “It’s just a lot of stuff’s been talked about; too much to talk about here. This has been going on before you. Around (Brother Albert Coleman’s) time.”

Bro. Macklin defended Bro. Coleman by telling Dcn. Holly that Bro. Coleman was doing what was told to him and followed the rules as such.


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