Schism Ch. 2 – Pt. 2: Rebuttal

Last Time: The Deacon Board opened up the second church call meeting of 2010 with a barrage of claims, questions, and even borderline insults.


December 4th, 2010


Pastor Cyrus Payton stood up with a slight grin on his face to tell everyone that being (in the church) for ten years and hearing there’s no relationship between himself and the Deacon Board makes him question what the “relationship” really was when everything seemed okay. Speaking of relationships – Pastor Payton wanted to know what the relationships between the deacons and past pastors were like, “Were those fake relationships, too?”

In response to Deacon Bill Richards about his lack of growth in God, Pastor Payton informed us that between 1999 and 2001 Pastor Payton set up seminars and sessions to properly train the deacons, “Yet when the time came for them to go, they found themselves too busy even though they promised to go a week before the seminars.”

Pastor Payton wanted the Deacon Board to know that the congregation’s salvation is in the hands of every church leader – deacons included.

Pastor Payton also had an answer for Deacon Calhoun about Payton’s vision for the church, “Unity. That’s what this church is striving for through prayer and the Word.” Regarding the meetings happening after service, Pastor Payton only did what he could do without complicating his work schedule.

Pastor made sure everyone knew, “I’m not going to lose my job for (this church).”

Pastor Payton kept answering every accusation and question thrown at him – including how three of the five deacons refused to attend a recent dinner with Payton’s family when they promised they’d make it a week ahead of time. When Pastor Payton seemed to be done, he proclaimed that a jezebel spirit was in the church.

During Pastor Payton’s question & answer session, Deacon Dewey Holly audibly remarked, “This is what I mean about (Payton’s) ‘dictatorship’ style.”

Pastor Payton ignored Dcn. Holly’s comment, moving from his position behind the podium to the right of the Deacon Board’s table.

Pastor Payton asked as he walked toward the deacons’ table, “Do you want a man of God or not?”

Moving from one deacon to the next, Pastor Payton asked each deacon if they wanted a real relationship with their pastor.

When Pastor Payton asked Deacon Roscoe Calhoun the question, Dcn. Calhoun retorted, “Do you?”


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