Schism Interlude Part 1

During the October 29th, 2011 Call Meeting, another call meeting was announced for the first Sunday in December five weeks later. The division that scarred the church was growing more and more as members visibly picked sides, including myself. Services between the last two call meetings of the year were tense and somewhat hostile. Thanks to these feelings, incidents occurred between the two call meetings that set the tone for the year’s end. These are the happenings between the 10/29/11 and 12/3/11 call meetings.


November 6, 2011


On the first Sunday in November, Deacon Roscoe Calhoun led the collection of tithes and offerings. As usual for Dcn. Calhoun, he gave a testimony/mini-sermon before the ceremony could commence.

In his closing statement, Dcn. Calhoun wanted us to know we couldn’t be servants to three different people/beings in this life, “You can’t serve God, yourself, and Satan. It’s either God or Satan. And I’ll tell you right now, I’m servin’ Satan!”

A shocked hush fell over the church as everyone waited for Dcn. Calhoun to correct himself. For almost a minute, Dcn. Calhoun stood before the church in what was nothing short of a daze; not saying a word or motioning for the ushers to come and start the tithes and offering. Several members asked Dcn. Calhoun about his, seemingly, misspoken phrase. For some odd reason, Dcn. Calhoun had no clue what the questioning people were talking about.

After the service, many members (including myself) asked Pastor Cyrus Payton about Dcn. Calhoun’s comments. Pastor Payton called the statement a, “God-ordained showing of what and who Deacon Calhoun is about.”

Also following the service, Pastor Payton met with my father, Brother Amos “Baritone” Macklin, Sister Selena Davidson, Sister Gloria Henderson, Sister Hope Boykins, Sister Josephine Elliot, Sister Gretchen Wallace, and myself to talk about completing the incomplete motion of voting in favor of keeping or ousting Pastor Payton from the October 29th Call Meeting. Also, to follow Deacon Dewey Holly’s decree that my father’s letter to reprimand the Deacon Board for keeping Dcn. Holly as Chairman of the Deacon Board following his arrest and Driving While Intoxicated charge would be fully addressed in this call meeting.

With Pastor Payton’s approval, the latest call meeting would be held on the fourth Sunday of November.


November 13, 2011


During his stay in the hospital, Deacon Dewey Holly resigned as Chairman of the Deacon Board via a letter sent to the church and read by Deacon Samuel Travis. When asked about reading the announcement for the upcoming call meeting to be held on the 4th Sunday, Dcn. Travis refused to comply. Pastor Cyrus Payton took it upon himself to inform everyone of the upcoming meeting.

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