While one might think otherwise after reading this story in its entirety, this is a work of pure fact. These are personal accounts taken from my own written notes during various business and call meetings. All the names outside of my own have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy of every person involved. What you’re about to read every other Sunday over the coming weeks and months isn’t about judgment, condemnation, or name sullying. This is a warning. This is a warning for people in church congregations who have witnessed or are going through something similar. This is for people trying to understand the power struggle that goes on between man and man under the banner of “God” in the Lord’s house. So many people say this kind of stuff is happening at every church. Well, maybe this story can help change that belief by starting with one. This is “Schism: The Not-So-Righteous Church Story”.

Full Introduction

Chapter One (The February 2010 Call Meeting) 

The Letter

Chapter Two (The December 2010 Call Meeting) 

Chapter Three (The October 2011 Business Meeting)

Chapter Four (The October 2011 Call Meeting)


Chapter Five (The December 2011 Call Meeting)