Sid Justice vs. Skinner

Background: The future “sycho” Sid Justice had recently returned to the World Wrestling Federation following a bicep injury. Looking to reassert himself in the main event scene, Sid took on all challengers.


Prime Time Wrestling

Daytona Beach, FL

January 7, 1992


Sid Justice vs. Skinner


Sid Justice vs Skinner


Skinner decided he was going to jump Sid from behind, giving the big man a chance to clothesline the running Skinner as the fans cheered in great approval. Kick after kick from Justice had Skinner looking for haven on the floor. Taking that alligator claw he wore as a necklace, Skinner hid the potential weapon in his shirt; using it to attack the approaching Sid behind the referee’s back. The referee eventually saw what Skinner was doing, but didn’t disqualify him. Seemingly knowing that Sid would be able to recover, the referee watched as Skinner got caught in the Power Bomb for a Sid Justice pin fall victory.


Winner: Sid Justice (1:45)


Is It A Classic: It was a Sid squash match. It’s not a classic in the least, but the people made it an enjoyable time by being into everything Sid did. If people today doubt Sid’s popularity during the early to mid-nineties, they need to see this match.



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