Sting vs. Cactus Jack

Background: The long-running feud between Sting and Cactus Jack continued in a match where the only way to win was by making an opponent submit or beat him to a point he couldn’t continue.


Power Hour

Washington, DC

November 22, 1991


Sting vs. Cactus Jack



And dey was a clubberin’ early after Sting took the time to get some encouragement from a fan. Sting had to rally through the pain while avoiding a running Cactus Jack. The fans were thoroughly enjoying Sting taking the fight to Jack on the floor. Grabbing the trashcan he brought to the ring, Jack tried to knock Sting down, but ended up feeling a suplex onto the trashcan. The trashcan was getting all kinds of bent out of shape as Sting slammed, filled and splashed the objected with Jack stuffed inside. Sting, looking to pick up the pace, ended up taking a low blow that left the champ understandably rolling in agony. Irish whip against the turnbuckles set up a Jack bulldog. The referee had to remind Cactus that there were no pins in this one. The fans believed in Sting, but Jack had the opportunity to use objects like a steel chair (that a random fan refused to give up until security got involved) to rattle Sting’s spine. The action returned inside and Jack found himself still in control as he took the time to wear out the champ being cheered on by a rowdy crowd. The flying headbutt-leg drop combo by Jack once again had the fans chanting in Sting’s favor. Sting, for the life of him, just couldn’t get the comeback going; feeling a double arm DDT that Jack believed would put his opposition down for the ten count. Back dropping his way out of another DDT, Sting propelled Jack to ringside for not only some mounted punches, but also a suplex on the floor!

The Stinger Splash in the ring missed; allowing Jack to execute a hotshot that drove the wind out of Sting and put him on the floor yet again. Taking Sting to the aisle, Jack wanted to unleash that flying elbow off the apron. With pinpoint accuracy, Jack drilled Sting with elbow drop. Jack decided he needed to hear Sting say, “I quit.” Sting verbally refused; angering Jack to the point he grabbed another chair. Sting avoided the wild chair shot, causing the chair to ricochet off the nearby ropes. Staggered, Jack found himself prone to a dropkick that knocked him from the apron onto the floor! Barely able to move, Jack couldn’t stop the Scorpion Deathlock or the referee stoppage.


Winner: Sting (12:57)


Is It A Classic: Sting and Cactus Jack had insane matches that stood out then and stand the test of time now. Though maybe not as great as their pay-per-view encounters, definitely a lost gem in their series that is a little sickening to watch during the homestretch.


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