Taz vs. Dick Dudley

Background: “Big” Dick Dudley was scheduled to face some random guy that Taz actually attacked and left him in the back. Taz demanded a match and got one.



Monaca, PA

January 17, 1998


Taz vs. Dick Dudley


Taz ECW Entrance


Using a double leg takedown, Taz put Dudley on is back for some vicious crossface forearms. Dudley forearmed his way out of the bad predicament, setting up the Chokeslam. Taz slipped out of the maneuver, German suplexing Dudley on his head. Taz signaled for the end and choked out Dudley with the Tazmission.


Winner: Taz (1:59)


Is It A Classic: A classic mauling. Poor Dick Dudley got manhandled like he was nothing. If you like squashes in front of a hot crowd, this is your type of match.

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