The Briscoes vs. LAX

Background: The Latin American Exchange featuring Homicide, Hernandez and Konnan were one of the hottest trios in wrestling. Homicide (a former ROH World champion) and Hernandez (a ROH alumnus) were given the chance to team up for the first time in a company that helped turn them into stars on the independent wrestling scene; taking on Ring of Honor’s baddest team in history, Jay and Mark Briscoe.


Ring of Homicide 2

Edison, NJ

October 25, 2008


The Briscoes vs. Latin American Exchange


Briscoes vs LAX


Before the match, Homicide made sure to call out his old manager Julius Smokes to be in LAX’s corner tonight. Homicide and Mark go things started on the mat with some stiff wrestling. Homicide, after freeing himself from a head scissors, spit his gum on Jay, promising to start trouble because he can’t do that in Orlando. Mark was a little teed off due to the insult, pushing Homicide to his corner to tag out to Jay; who cranked on Homicide’s head. Homicide got free from the front chancery, tagging out to the big Hernandez, who just powered Jay around the ring. Jay had to tag out after he couldn’t get Hernandez off of his feet. Mark didn’t do much better, getting stuck in a delayed vertical suplex. Homicide came back in, pitching Mark to the floor before hitting his famous tope con hilo. The former TNA Tag champs had Mark stuck on the mat after a couple of double teams, including one where Hernandez used his knees to hold up Mark’s body for Homicide to senton splash the Briscoe from the top rope.

Mark tried to fight back, slapping Homicide. This only angered the former ROH World champion, who head-butted Mark, splitting Mark’s cheek and eye and immediately blackening his right eye. Mark somehow made it to his corner, tagging out an angry Jay. Hernandez tagged back in, helping his partner take down Jay. Before Homicide could follow up with the running knee in the corner, Mark grabbed Homicide, pulling him to the mat. Mark jumped back in, snapping Homicide over into a figure four headlock. The Briscoes used some dirty tactics while the referee wasn’t looking to keep Homicide grounded in between tags. Anytime Homicide tried to fight back, The Briscoes would stun Homicide with an attack, then knock Hernandez off the apron to prevent Homicide from tagging out. Hernandez popped onto the apron after The Briscoes grabbed Homicide for a whip into the ropes.

When Homicide hit the ropes, Hernandez tagged himself in, springing over the top, tackling both Briscoes. Hernandez was tossing and power bombing his opposition with ease. Jay got up, diving on top of Homicide on the floor. Mark followed his brother, taking out Homicide too. Hernandez waited until The Briscoes got up before diving over the top, downing everyone, including Julius. Homicide dropped the big elbow after an electric chair on Mark for an unsuccessful pin. Homicide followed up with the STF, but Mark made it to the ropes. The Briscoes grabbed Hernandez for a double team in the corner, but Hernandez fought them off. Jay stopped the big man from flying off the top, superplexing him with the help of his brother. Jay hooked Homicide for the Jay Driller, but ended up taking a lariat for a near fall. Homicide connected with the Cop/Gringo Killa on Mark, only for Jay to break up the sure pin. Homicide ran to the top for a flying head-butt on Jay, but Jay moved, executing the Jay Driller for a near fall. Hernandez stopped Jay’s three count, grabbing both Briscoes for the Border Toss. Mark super kicked his way to freedom, allowing Jay to hit an impressive Death Valley Driver on the big man. The Briscoes finished Hernandez off with a guillotine leg drop-shooting star press combo.


Winner: The Briscoes (23:02)


Is It A Classic: While not the classic encounter a lot of people expected, it couldn’t be understated that these two teams gelled incredibly well and produced a more subdued, yet smart match. It’s a shame there wasn’t a rematch as it had all the makings of surpassing their first encounter.

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