The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express

Background: At “Manhattan Mayhem IV” the vilified All Night Express of Kenny King & Rhett Titus found themselves on the receiving end of a heroes’ welcome in New York before & after their successful match with The Briscoes – one of the biggest teams of all time in ROH. Things got more personal between the two teams, leading to a series of barbaric fights including a Chicago Street Fight during a big event.


Supercard of Honor VI

Chicago, IL

May 21, 2011


The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express



The Briscoes immediately brought in chairs while ANX grabbed their own. King and Mark paired off after Jay used his chair to ram Titus’ abdomen. King fought off the two on one onslaught; belly to back suplexing Mark over the top rope, through the timekeeper’s table! Titus recovered, grabbing Jay before whipping the eldest Briscoe into King’s spin kick to a great ovation. As King choked Jay against the barricades, Titus found a chain underneath the ring. Like Titus did for him earlier, King whipped Jay into Titus’ chain covered hand. The ANX wanted to choke Jay out using the chain while Jay was stuck against the ring post. Thankfully for Jay, Mark came sailing over the top rope, taking down their opponents. Jay took it upon himself to slam Titus’ head against every guardrail that formed the entrance aisle. Jay wanted to Jay Drill Titus on the steel entrance ramp, but ended up being tossed face first into the steel ring post like a javelin.

Across from Titus stood a hyped King after wrapping a chair across Mark’s back and head, splitting Mark wide open. Jay rose from the floor, finding himself bleeding as well. King and Mark found themselves fighting in the ring, with Mark winning the battle before setting up a chair in hopes of driving King’s face into it. Instead, Titus used the rocker dropper on Mark to send him face first against the steel chair. As King wore Mark out, Titus set up a table between the barricades and the ring apron. Titus wanted to hit the Muff Driver on Mark through the table, but Mark flipped out of it, using an enzuguri on King. Mark quickly scaled the ropes after knocking Titus backwards. Titus ran up the ropes, looking to hit the super Sex Factor. Before Titus could pull Mark off the top rope, Jay shoved Titus off the top rope, through the table!

King found himself in a horrible predicament as The Briscoes beat him like a government mule (© Jim Ross). In a “great” show of racism, Jay grabbed the chain Titus introduced before telling his brother, “Lynch his black a**!” in regards to Kenny. After wrapping two chains around King’s neck, Jay pitched the ANX member over the top rope in hopes of killing him! The Briscoes took turns yanking on the chain until King’s body went limp. A bleeding Titus couldn’t save his partner from suffering a horrible fate, but it didn’t end the match. Jay tried to knock Titus out with the chair, only for “Addicted To Love” to start hulking up. Unlike Hulk Hogan, one knee to the abdomen put Titus down. When Jay leaned over the top rope to find out where King was, a puff of white smoke came from the floor. Kenny King blinded both Briscoes with a fire extinguisher prior to ramming Jay in the face with the metal canister!

“Beat a redneck” chants rang out as King used a modified Van-Daminator on Mark while Titus played the role of Bill Alphonso. Just as everything seemed to be working in the ANX’s favor, Jay reentered the ring, yakuza kicking King after whipping Titus against the guardrails. Mark propped a chair between the ropes so Jay could hit that downward spiral in the corner so King’s face bounced off the chair. To a great ovation, Mark pulled out a ladder he wanted his brother to used to put King through another table. Titus saved his partner, whacking Jay in the back with a chair before tossing it at Mark’s head. With Jay stuck on the ladder, Titus grabbed him as King climbed the corner in front of Jay. One Night Stand off the ladder by The ANX … only gained Titus a near fall due to Mark!

Titus scaled the ladder for something, but got caught with a palm strike-iconoclasm combo from Mark. Before Mark could follow up with something, King almost choked him out with the fire extinguisher hose. King wanted to whip Mark into the ladder, but Mark reversed it. Showing his always-incredible agility, King ran up the ladder to back flip over the incoming Mark. Instead of connecting with something when he landed, King got super kicked by Mark. Mark turned his attention to a prone Rhett Titus in the ring’s middle, climbing the ladder. Almost on the very top, Mark jumped off the ladder, hitting Titus with the Froggy Bow!<br>Unfortunately for Mark, Titus kicked out of his follow up pin attempt. The Briscoes called for the Doomsday Device, and it connected with great force. Kenny leapt onto the apron, tossing a chair at Jay’s head. Jay was out on his feet as Mark tackled King to the floor. Losing his balance, Jay accidentally fell on top of Titus, using his limp body to hold Titus down for three seconds to win this brutal match.


Winner: The All Night Express (19:47)


Is It A Classic: This was absolutely insane. The fact they kept such a violent pace for nearly twenty minutes is a testament to how well these two teams gelled. If you can see this match make sure you do.

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