The Gangstas vs. The Samoan Gangsta Party

Background: Originally scheduled to be a title bout featuring The Gangstas of New Jack and Mustafa taking on reigning Tag Team champions The Eliminators turned into an impromptu brawl when The Samoan Gangsta Party jumped the would-be challenges from behind during The Gangstas’ entrance.


Heatwave ‘96

Philadelphia, PA

July 13, 1996


The Gangstas vs. The Samoan Gangsta Party


New Jack The Gangstas ECW


Dey’s a clubberin’ in Philly, Tony! New Jack was the first to grab a weapon and bash his opponents in the head. Crutches, trashcan lids, chairs and even wooden stakes made from the broken weapons bloodied both Samoans. The fans were going wild as The Gangstas stood tall after the referee decided to call an end for this one because the Samoans were in such bad shape that they couldn’t continue to fight.


Winner: The Gangstas (2:54)


Is It A Classic: A near literal slaughter. The fans were going wild for the beating the entire time, but it’s not something you’ll ever watch after the initial viewing.

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