The Sandman vs. Rhino

Background: Having made his return a few months prior, former ECW Heavyweight champion The Sandman was having a good time knocking back a few cold ones and cracking skulls with his Singapore cane. Then The Sandman had the opportunity to come face to face with “The Man Beast” Rhino.


Hardcore TV

Milwaukee, WI

February 19, 2000


The Sandman vs. Rhino


Rhino vs The Sandman ECW


Rhino didn’t come alone, getting some help from Steve Corino and Jack Victory to steal The Sandman’s Singapore cane. A brawl broke out between The Sandman and Rhino, resulting in the former champion tossing the future champ off of the entrance stage. Taking advantage of the situation he created, The Sandman started collecting weaponry in the form of a ladder and a table. Big Irish whip by The Sandman that sent Rhino into the ladder had the fans going wild. Rather than drive Rhino through the table, The Sandman literally suplexed the table atop Rhino before tossing it into the ring. Placing the ladder on top of the prone Rhino, The Sandman used a somersault splash to crush Rhino between the ladder and the canvas while sending shockwaves of pain up and down his own spine.

Placing the table across the ring, The Sandman scaled the ropes to hurricarana Rhino in position for something. The Sandman ended up having to fight off Corino and Victory before retrieving his cane. Turning around, The Sandman swung the wooden weapon in the incoming Tajiri’s way, only to feel the stinging green mist pepper his eyes. Blinded and dazed was The Sandman, right in the path of Rhino’s Gore that drove The Sandman through the table!

Super Crazy ran out, sending everyone scurrying with his flurry of offense to save The Sandman.


Winner: No Contest (5:03)


Is It A Classic: Pretty much a one-sided beating at the hands of The Sandman until the match’s unceremonious end. Nothing truly special or memorable, but the crowd loved it while it lasted.

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