The Video Gamer’s Experience Interview – James Guttman

In this next evolution of “The Video Gamer’s Experience” I turn to you, the gamer, to find out what makes you tick when it comes to this entertainment medium based on interactivity, technological boundaries being obliterated, and emotional moments shared by thousands of people across the globe. Today’s interviewee: James Guttman.


What’s the first game you remember playing?

Combat for the Atari. I was really young.


When did you realize you were a gamer?

I think it was the first time I played Call of Duty 4. A friend of mine kept trying to get me into it and I was resistant because, in my mind, that was what the gamer people played. I wasn’t into multiplayer games or army strategy. Little did I know that most game modes involved just killing people. The strategy was just secondary. It was basically Mass Murder: The Game. After the first few claymores, I was totally into it and felt like a full fledged gamer. Pwning Noobs and all that good stuff.


Is there one story in your life that was directly impacted by a game?

When I was in Junior High, there were some days when I didn’t really have anywhere to go. There was a WWF Superstars arcade game in town, so I would ride my bike there and spend long periods of time playing. There was nothing like a good arcade game back in the day. There was always trouble to get into, but having that game there cut back on the amount I probably would have gotten into.


What’s your favorite video game genre?

This is tough. I always liked wrestling games, although it’s getting down to just WWE 2K at this point and the games are somewhat repetitive now, so I’m sadly losing some interest. I guess, although it seems a bit like a cop-out, is any open world games. I’d rather explore than follow a set number of things to do.


What’s your favorite video game franchise?

Dead Rising.


Is there one game you’ve never had the chance to play that you regret not playing?

I wish I got more into RPGs. When I had my PS2, I used to play a lot of imports and had a chance to play some Japanese ones. They were always very interesting, but I just never had the time. It seems like putting the work into Final Fantasy would have been rewarded as people seem to love that series.


What’s the best video game purchase you made?

Dead Rising 2. I was unaware of the franchise at all when I found the demo for the original Dead Rising on Xbox live. I played it and loved it. I told myself, “I have to buy the full game.” When I went to look for it, I found out that Dead Rising 2 was not just already out, but fairly old and cheaper. I was so exciting. I was ready to pay full price for 1. It was as if I took a time machine into the future. It ended up being one of my favorite games of all time.


What’s the worst video game purchase you made?

Fallout 4. I really loved Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas was OK. I just couldn’t get into 4. I kept telling myself to give it a chance, but each time I did, I just couldn’t get into it. I can’t really explain why, but I paid full price for the digital copy so it was a disappointing purchase for me all around. I’m sure it’s a great game to many people, but something just didn’t click on my end.


What video game character do you most relate to?

Little Mac from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. Mostly because I like to jog in my bright pink hooded sweatshirt.


If a game based on you was made what would it be like?

It would start as a wrestling game, but you would have to just watch the matches from afar while it glitches out. Eventually you get bored and leave the arena, at which point it turns into an open world game. Then you just figure it out from there.


What are you playing now and what are you looking forward to playing in the near future?

I haven’t played as much as I’d like to lately. I do about 30 minutes on my exercise bike every day and I play my XBox while I do. It just makes the time tick by faster. My go-to games are usually Dead Rising 4, Black Ops 3, or WWE 2K17. I also occasionally pop in Mortal Kombat XL or GTA 5. I really want to play the upcoming Friday the 13th game. I’m hoping it doesn’t end up being a let down, but the concept looks great.


Your desert island games?

Hitman Contracts/Blood Money, Dead Rising 2, WWE 2K14, Modern Warfare 3


How can people keep up with everything you’re doing?

My main focus right now is on HiBlogImDad.com, which is my new parenting site. I talk about a lot of personal topics from fatherhood stuff to raising a child with autism to self-reflection and more. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and it’s been great getting the chance to finally make it happen. I also maintain WeWantInsanity.com, which James Bullock is a huge and valued part of.

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