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In this next evolution of “The Video Gamer’s Experience” I turn to you, the gamer, to find out what makes you tick when it comes to this entertainment medium based on interactivity, technological boundaries being obliterated, and emotional moments shared by thousands of people across the globe. Today’s interviewee: Tealgamemaster.


What’s the first game you remember playing?

My Dad had Sonic since I was born, and I have a vague memory of not understanding what jumping is and just kept dying to the first enemy in the game. I could really move, I had an attitude and I was the fastest thing alive!…until the first enemy broke little one year old Fetus Teal.


When did you realize you were a gamer?

When I was 3, one of my parents’ friends bought me a PS1 with Crash Bandicoot 2. I had seen Sonic, but this game was mine and I just loved it. I used to play football all the time…that soon changed to playing video games.


Is there one story in your life that was directly impacted by a game?

I was massively depressed in 2014 for a variety of reasons, but I played Persona 4 properly for the first time during that time, and even streamed it. I just loved every second of it and streamed for 8+ hours a day and did some dungeon grinding after the streams. It made me so happy and I stopped being depressed shortly afterwards. Persona 4 is a great game to play if you love RPG’s or a damn good story!


What’s your favorite video game genre?

Platformers or RPG’s


What’s your favorite video game franchise?

Probably Kingdom Hearts. I can keep going back to them and not get bored.



Is there one game you’ve never had the chance to play that you regret not playing?

I was gonna say there’s nothing I can think of, but I just remembered P.T. – That cancelled Silent Hill Demo…it’s a real shame they took it off the PS store before I could play it. I had so many chances and just didn’t take them, and now I’ll never know what it was like. Oh well.


What’s the best video game purchase you made?

Kingdom Hearts. Okay, technically it wasn’t MY purchase, but I was allowed to have an extra game on my birthday. I saw Kingdom Hearts and Sly Cooper together. I had NO clue what Kingdom Hearts was, but it had Disney characters on it, so it must be good right!? And oh boy, it was! I actually played a demo of Sly a week or so later and didn’t enjoy it, so I’d say I definitely made the right decision.


What’s the worst video game purchase you made?

I willingly bought all the Bratz games for 1 pence each…however, I had a blast mocking them with my friend…so, does that technically count? Sonic Boom. Yeah, that’ll do. I’m sure something else will come to mind later and I’ll be like “OHHHH, I SHOULD HAVE SAID THAT!”


What video game character do you most relate to?

I honestly couldn’t tell you. I feel like someone else could tell you better than I could.


If a game based on you was made what would it be like?

Glitchy. I find glitches in games everywhere. It’d have to be a game about glitching to progress in some way. There’d actually be a lot of potential there, with the right team behind it. Glitchneto strikes again!



What are you playing now and what are you looking forward to playing in the near future?

I’ve just been playing Sonic Mania, which was an absolute blast! Definitely the best Sonic in ages, possibly of the franchise! The references to past games & memes have been spectacular. As for what’s coming out, it has to be Cuphead! The art style is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen in gaming, especially as a fan of 1930-1950s cartoons!



Your desert island games?

I guess if I’m on a desert island with a magical power source, I should only have one Console, so I’ll choose the PS4 with Persona 5, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy & Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 – I have a solid 450 hours if I want to play 100% across all the games. If I’m allowed a PS4 with digital downloads, then I’ll take my entire library, which consists of stuff like Final Fantasy XV, Yakuza 0, Gravity Rush, Nier: Automata…there have been some amazing games for that console…it just needs backwards compatibility!


How can people keep up with everything you’re doing?

I’m on YouTube, Twitch & Twitter. Stop on by, I’m sure there’s something you’ll like there! ^.^

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Tealgamemaster

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tealgamemaster

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tealgamemaster



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