Tommy Dreamer & Jake Roberts vs. Justin Credible & Jason/Jack Victory

Background: At “Hardcore Heaven ‘98”, Jake “The Snake” Roberts attacked Tommy Dreamer to save Jerry “The King” Lawler from feeling DDT before knocking him out. Several months later, Dreamer chose to team with Roberts instead of mentor Terry Funk to fight Justin Credible & his crew.


November to Remember ‘98

New Orleans, LA

November 1, 1998


Tommy Dreamer & Jake Roberts vs. Justin Credible & Jason/Jack Victory



Roberts and Dreamer were wrestling like mirror images until Dreamer fed his opponents into a pair of back body drops from “The Snake” that gave Dreamer the chance to dive on his opponents. Things settled down as Dreamer kept control of this one until Credible got underneath Tommy and dropped “The Innovator of Violence” groin first on the nearby guardrail. Jack Victory was hobbling around the ring as Credible power slammed Dreamer on the entrance ramp. Roberts was growing frustrated over the fact his partner was being assaulted by not only Credible, but also Justin’s seconds Jason and Mr. Wright. Blocking a spike suplex double team, Dreamer was able to yank Credible off the top rope with the superplex. This was Dreamer’s chance to make it to Jake, but Roberts, for some reason, had moved to the other side of the ring in the adjacent corner he was in originally. This change put Dreamer in a bad predicament that ended with him feeling a drop toe hold into a steel chair. Credible, looking to take advantage of the situation he created, ended up getting caught and spiked on his head with the Snowplow. Roberts was begging for the tag as Jason had taken Victory’s spot as Credible’s partner.

Roberts got the tag, wailing away on his opponents as the fans chanted for the DDT. Before Jake could give them what they wanted, Ron Price and the One Man Gang hit the ring to put the boots to Dreamer & Roberts. Gang’s 747 Splash almost crushed Dreamer and Roberts. Suddenly, New Jack – with a shopping cart full of plunder – and John Kronus ran out to somewhat even the odds and give Dreamer a chance to whack Credible in the groin with a lead pipe. Roberts had disappeared during the melee that had now turned into a battle royal until Dreamer drilled Credible with the frog splash to earn a two count. “The Snake” reentered the ring, knocking down Mr. Wright before feeling a low blow from Chastity – Credible’s valet. Nicole Bass – another Credible second – entered the ring to attack Tommy. Instead, Bass felt the DDT from “The Snake”. Dreamer dragged a ladder into the ring, slamming Credible into it before giving Jake the chance to hit his DDT on Credible. Both men made the cover, pinning Justin Credible.


Winner: Tommy Dreamer & Jake Roberts (13:18)


Is It A Classic: Well, that was something. You had a nice little brawl going, and then things went off the deep end and really took any steam out of the sails of what was happening. Pretty bad stuff.


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