Wrestling Life Lesson From John Cena – Part 2

Rise Above Hate

John Cena Rise Above Hate


In 2005, John Cena started hearing a smattering of boos directed at him following months of being cheered by the fans who once laughed at him for being the Caucasian rapper from West Newbury, Massachusetts. It was Cena’s will to win and a penchant to take on all challenges that had the fans supporting him all the way to his first of eventually many WWE titles. But not long after Cena won the WWE Championship did he have to face, fight and defeat the heroes of other fans who would choose the likes of Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Triple H and Shawn Michaels over “their” champion” any day. Hostile environments where Cena would have no choice but to walk into a building with his eyes glaring downward, his title belt held high for the world to see it was worth all of its antagonizing popped up around the country.

After a year being on top and becoming the poster boy of WWE did Cena and the company he so proudly represent see the fruition of the fans’ angst when crowds became segmented – vocalizing their pro or anti-Cena stance with chants of, “Lets go, Cena!” or “Cena sucks!” John Cena became, easily, the most polarizing figure in WWE. Yet, the hatred and boos never stopped Cena from pushing and achieving with his usual smile accenting his face.

Over the years, the multi-time WWE champion has not only joked about his haters jeering him for no apparent fault of his own, but also got a t-shirt made to educate the masses on what they need do whenever they’re in a situation where people who are jeering you constantly. Always remember that haters gon’ hate and it’s up to you to rise above their rancor

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