Wrestling Life Lesson From Rikishi

You won’t be arrested for attempted vehicular homicide as long as you do it for The Rock


Steve Austin Gets Hit By Car


At the WWF’s 1999 Survivor Series, wrestling megastar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was the recipient of a hit and run. Yes, a car struck Austin and the culprit drove off without checking on Steve’s possible stone cold status. It took a year before we found out that overall fan favorite and dance machine Rikishi was responsible for Austin’s brush with death because Rikishi wanted to make sure his cousin The Rock succeeded where other Samoans – including Rikishi – could and would not.

Now, the great thing about this is Rikishi admitted to attempting to kill a man, yet was never arrested. Ironically, Steve Austin did get arrested for trying to run Rikishi over after whooping him for what seemed like hours. The moral of the story is you can run over people and not go to jail as long as you do it for The Rock and his success.

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