Wrestling Life Lesson From The Godfather

Though it doesn’t seem that way, pimpin’ ain’t easy


The Godfather Ho Train


For wrestling fans, the multiple characters portrayed by Charles Wright over the years either didn’t connect with the audience as planned or was ahead of its time (Papa Shango, anyone?). As the years progressed, Wright switched characters and eventually settled into an African American militant faction, The Nation of Domination. Essentially, the then-Kama Mustafa was a faceless goon in a group featuring an Olympic athlete, the first recognized African American pro wrestling World champion, and a man who would become one of the biggest movie stars in the world today (yep, The Rock). It wasn’t until The Nation dissolved did Kama embrace a new character that was unlike anything seen in wrestling at that time – a pimp.

Seriously, Kama Mustafa became “The Godfather” – a blaxploitation style character surrounded by a gaggle of women he called his “ho train”. While it appeared to make life easier for The Godfather as he could buy wins with his ladies and avoid exerting or injuring himself, the man proclaimed time and time again that pimping simply wasn’t an easy job. Not only did he have to handle a gaggle of women he had to watch and take care of in chaotic an environment, he had to protect his own neck in the ring. Eventually, The Godfather gave up his life of pimping, transforming into the “The Goodfather” as a member of the Parents Television Council parody, The Right to Censor. If you ever want to be or feel like you could be a pimp, learn from the lessons of Big Daddy Kane and, most importantly, The Godfather: pimping ain’t easy.

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