Wrestling Life Lesson From Vader

“It’s Vader Time!”




In the early 1990s, wrestling fans (mostly WCW viewers) became associated with the 400-plus pounds Colorado native named “Big Van Vader”. Wearing a red mask that he would take off whenever a match got incredibly heated, having the strength of a bear and the agility of a cat, “The Mastodon” wreaked havoc in WCW to the point very few wrestlers were left to conquer by the time 1996 came into existence. During his days dominating WCW, Vader would tell anyone wondering what kind of era or time they were living it that it was his time; it was, “Vader time!”

By the time Vader arrived in the WWF, he was given the chance to speak more. Rather than spit verbal vitriol and ramble for days, Vader kept things simple and eventually turned his on-off statement about it being “Vader time” into someone fans would hear every time a microphone was in front of his masked face. The declaration started becoming popular with the fans – Vader would become a fan favorite greatly thanks to his catchphrase. The company noticed just how much the fans enjoyed hearing Vader tell everyone what time it was; even adding the catchphrase Vader’s entrance music to get the crowd ready to see “The Rocky Mountain Monster”. So whenever anyone asks you what time is it, the answer is very simple: It’s Vader time!

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