WSU Martinez vs. Lexxus Review

In 2011, Women Superstars Uncensored was riding the huge wave growing on the independent scene featuring all-women wrestling shows. Rather than showcase matches featuring women clashing in the ring, WSU looked to take things to the next level by mixing sports entertainment with its talented roster. The result was must-see shows thanks to the controversial, yet enamoring storylines. But one thing that never changed was it’s high level of talent. No better example of that was the WSU champion, Mercedes Martinez.

By the summer of 2011, Mercedes had been the top dog in WSU for two-plus years. Everyone was gunning for her. But no one expected one-half of the WSU Tag Team champions Lexxus to not only win WSU’s Uncensored Rumble to earn a title shot, let alone declare that she would be the one who couldn’t do what no woman before he could. Could Lexxus truly do the seemingly possible? Was Martinez able to trump another challenger? But the biggest question is whether or not this event is truly a classic.




Martinez vs. Lexxus

August 6, 2011

Union City, NJ

1. Allisyn Kay defeated Tina San Antonio, Marti Belle, and Niya

2. Nikki Syxx defeated Barbie to successfully defend the NYWC Starlet title

3. Jana & Jessie Brooks defeated Jennifer Cruz & Monique

4. Serena Deeb defeated Annie Social

5. Sassy Stephie defeated Amber to successfully defend the WSU Spirit title

6. Gabby Gilbert defeated Violet Stevens

7. Brittany Savage defeated Amy Lee in an Uncensored Rules match

8. Mercedes Martinez defeated Lexxus to successfully defend the WSU title




Four Way Fray: With the number one contendership for the WSU Spirit championship on the line, partners (Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle) and enemies (Allisyn Kay and Niya) alike entered the ring for battle. The three fan favorites singled out Kay until she almost pinned Niya with a reverse DDT. Belle and Kay paired off as San Antonio and Niya did the same. Hard kicks were traded and pins broken up whenever the women saw it necessary. The Belle Saints ended up working together to set up Kay, but ended up being taken down by Kay’s strikes and locked in Allisyn’s double straightjacket submission. Niya eventually saved the Saints just to make sure she didn’t lose her chance to win. Just as everything seemed to be going downhill for Kay following a series of double team maneuvers by The Saints, San Antonio and Belle started arguing over who would win. This left the partners open for a cross body block by Niya. Before Niya could take the pin, Kay suplexed her on her head for the three count.

Sloppy at times, but perfect for what it was – a high-octane opener to get the crowd into the rest of the show.


The New Partners Showcase: The Soul Sisters of Jana and Natasha couldn’t compete tonight due to Natasha being in Japan. Not missing a WSU event, Jana found a partner for the evening to take on the “Boy Diva” Rick Cataldo’s new associates Jennifer Cruz and Monique in “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks. Jana quickly showcased her dominance over Cruz by grounding her with the side headlock. When Brooks became the legal woman, Cruz took the low road, slapped her butt and tagged out. Monique actually held her own until the new team of Jana and Brooks isolated her with arm wrenches. With Monique maneuvering around, she gained a blind tag that ended with Brooks getting clotheslined.

Cataldo’s team stayed on top of Brooks, looking to cave in her chest. Before Cruz could complete that task by splashing her from the bottom rope, Brooks moved and tagged out. Monique and Cruz were all over the place, running into each other after Jana used that cartwheel splash for a two count. Before Cruz and Monique could regroup, Jana hooked Monique in the double underhook guillotine choke for a submission victory.

Another match that wasn’t necessarily special or memorable, but solid nonetheless.


Best in the World: The self-proclaimed “Best in the World” Serena Deeb entered the ring to take on the returning WSU veteran Annie Social. Deeb showcased her not-so-honorable nature by using a collar & elbow tie up to shove Social into the turnbuckles for some clubbing forearms. Rather than lower herself to Deeb’s level, Social looked to arm drag and arm bar the former WWE Diva, setting up some big clotheslines and suplexes. Social spent too much time arguing with the referee over a close count, allowing Deeb to recover and catch her coming with a face rake and some of those Virginia jabs. The focus on Social’s head almost cost Deeb as Social slipped free of Serena’s grip and almost pinned her.

And as quickly as Social gained control, Deeb’s neck work helped her drive Social into the mat. Social had to chop her way into this fight after taking several hard chops beforehand. The discus punch from Social seemingly put Deeb down for the three count, but it only gave Serena the chance to hit that Spear seconds later to attain the victory.

Following the match, Serena Deeb reminded everyone that she was the best wrestler in the world and deserved a WSU title shot. The claim brought out Rain to challenge Deeb to a number one contender match.

Best match of the show thus far. The women really could’ve used more time to turn a good match into an excellent one as they had impeccable chemistry.


Champion Vs. Champion: WSU Spirit champion Sassy Stephie entered this event with the opportunity to not only defend her title, but also defeat a fellow champion in WSU Tag Team champion Amber. With Stephie’s future challenger – Allisyn Kay – at ringside, Stephie did her best to showcase her grappling superiority over her challenger by working the side headlock. Sadly for the defending champion, the blustering offense of Amber allowed her to catch Stephie running with a chokehold. Stephie fired herself up, utilizing a series of pinning combinations for several near falls. Amber retailed with kicks, forearms. Even when Stephie made another comeback, she was taken down via the neck breaker. Before Amber could seal the deal with an enzuguri, the Spirit champion ducked the attack and executed Kiss My Sass to successfully defend her championship.

Another good match that could’ve used more time as they had good chemistry featuring some back and forth action.


One Last Dance: After months of feuding, the end was coming for the Amy Lee-Brittany Savage rivalry. In this Uncensored Rules match, everything was legal; and the women took no time wearing each other out with pieces of woods that they broke over each other’s backs. Savage showed her heart early by hitting the BKO for a near fall after two sticks were broken over her back. The action spilled into the crowd, with Savage being crowned by a chair. Lee took pride in beating her rival around the crowd until they ended up fighting in the aisle.

A force was Lee during the majority of this war. Even Lee’s second Dr. Boots got involved by setting up a chair in the ring when the action finally made it back into the squared circle. Lee literally took Savage to the woodshed, putting Brittany over her knee and spanked her with a Singapore cane. It was obvious Savage would have to do something desperate if she hoped to win. That desperation came in the form of avoiding a fire extinguisher to the face. With Lee staggering, Savage unleashed a second BKO to pull off the shocking victory.

Following the bout, Lee grabbed the microphone to announce her retirement; giving Savage a huge rub in the process. The match itself was a glorified squash featuring an out-of-nowhere comeback, but it was entertaining through and through. A perfect note for Lee to go out on.


The Longest Women’s Match: After winning WSU’s version of the Royal Rumble match – the Uncensored Rumble – WSU Tag Team champion Lexxus earned her right to face the longest reigning WSU champion in history, Mercedes Martinez. Martinez – who had been champion for two and a half years at this point – came in with a swagger of champion and the ability to outmaneuver her challenger. Barely ten minutes into this battle, Lexxus was stuck on the mat, being twisted until Mercedes let her up. Out of nowhere, Lexxus started firing back and showed that Mercedes would have to do a lot more than work over a body part to break the challenger’s spirit. So the champ changed game plans and looked to knock the challenger out with high impact maneuvers like the brain buster. Lexxus survived the champion’s big moves and fired back with some of her own – such as an enzuguri. With the building’s heat reaching upwards of 100 degrees, the women took their battle to the floor around the twenty-minute mark. Back and forth the beatings swung.

When the action returned to the ring, Mercedes stuck to her guns in using high impact moves. Superplexes and neck breakers were the norm for the champion, but nothing could put Lexxus away. Signs of desperation were showing in the champion’s offense as she uncharacteristically choked the challenger whenever she had the chance. Halfway through the sixty-minute time limit saw Lexxus turn the tides in her favor with a codebreaker before taking the fight to the floor again. For the first time in this bout, Lexxus took her time to hydrate herself with someone’s water bottle. Martinez soon followed suit, leading to another round of Lexxus being driven into the mat with suplexes. The challenger refused to be stopped, though. Firing off kick after kick, Lexxus actually had the champion reeling and looking for something to end this bout right then and now. To Martinez’s shock, Lexxus not only was kicking out of her follow up pins, but also throwing forearms and chops just like the champion.

Exhaustion was visible in the women by the forty-minute mark, with both taking their time following big attacks and pin attempts to catch their breaths. What became a key proponent in the latter half of the time limit was Martinez’s ring positioning. Mercedes made sure to stay close to the ropes and use them to save herself from being pinned and exert energy by having not to kick out. Though it was obvious what Martinez was doing, the tiredness and desperation of Lexxus took away the opportunity to process how pulling Martinez to the ring’s middle following moves like the tornado DDT could’ve meant the difference between victory and defeat.

Almost fifty minutes had passed by the time Martinez locked in a modified STF. Lexxus refused to give up and eventually caught the champ in a submission of her own, the Boston crab. Like her challenger, Mercedes didn’t submit and set off a chain of events that led to both men trading big attacks. A missile dropkick from Lexxus. The running dropkick by Martinez. Dragon sleepers and buzz saw kicks were the calling cards of the final few minutes. Each near fall during the last two minutes caused the fans to draw labored breaths when thinking this one couldn’t go any longer. The punishment both women dished out was almost unfathomable. Countering the Fisherman Buster, Lexxus ended the bout on her back with Martinez. The time limit had expired, but the crowd wanted more. A winner had to be declared and this match would go on until there was one.

Mercedes got the jump on Lexxus as the bell resounded, looking to knock her out with knees to her head. To the shock of everyone, Lexxus exploded off the ropes with a head scissors-monkey flip combo that gained her a two count. The women rolled to opposite ends of ringside, tying their hair back while drinking nearby bottles of water. When they collided on the floor, Lexxus was in complete control. Lexxus tried to reenter the ring after gaining some distance from a furious Martinez, only to be met with the power slam. Martinez was showing the wounds of war as she limped around the ring. Another ten minutes had passed and the challenger was doing everything in her power to turn this battle around. Fighting through the cobra clutch and throwing forearms like there was no tomorrow, Lexxus somehow got Martinez in position for her finisher. Lexxus decided to make everyone know that she was about to take the belt home. This moment of mouthing off made Lexxus lose her grip and allowed Martinez to spin free and hit the Fisherman Buster for the three count to conclude the longest women’s match in history at seventy-three minutes.

Martinez grabbed the microphone to give Lexxus credit for hanging with the champ better than anyone in history.

An incredible battle of wills that will leave you exhausted like the women who battled for seventy-three minutes. This is the definition of a star-making performance as Lexxus not only survived the onslaught of a woman who had become unbeatable in the company, but actually came close to do the seemingly impossible and win WSU’s most prestigious prize. I can’t give this match enough recommendation.




It’s A New York Connection: In association with the New York Wrestling Connection, NYWC Scarlet champion Nikki Syxx defended her title against the returning Barbie. Though Syxx sported the size advantage, Barbie took the fight to the champion and almost gained a pin off a clothesline in the early going. Barbie’s excitement eventually got the better of her as Syxx caught her in the ropes with a backbreaker.

Syxx spent the next several minutes working over Barbie’s back by stomping and slamming Barbie over and over again. Though she was the champion, Syxx showed how much of a rookie she truly was by not pinning Barbie following several attacks like the blue thunder bomb. The fans rallied behind Barbie, giving her the energy to fight back and almost pin the champion following a polish hammer-running dropkick combo. Sadly for Barbie, Syxx had no qualms of raking Barbie’s eyes to execute a follow up sloppy tombstone piledriver for the victory.
Though the girls tried hard, the best they could deliver was something you’d want to fast forward through.


No Rain? No Problem: Originally, this match was supposed to be the woman known formally as “Roxxi Cotton” Gabby Gilbert taking on Rain. Rain, being the main eventer that she is, opted out of the match because it wasn’t up to her level. Replacing Rain was NYWC competitor Violet – who came in like a house of pinning combinations fire. Gilbert countered by Samoan dropping Violet in position for an ineffective cross arm bar. Violet fired back with clotheslines and set up a sloppy sequence that ended with Gilbert locking in a seated version of the Royal Butterfly for the submission victory.

A nothing match that didn’t leave a lasting impact at all. It seems if they had the time, they could’ve slowed things down and actually impressed. Not here, though.


Is It A Classic: Though the show had some solid wrestling featuring matches that could’ve used more time, this event is a must-see for the main event alone. Martinez and Lexxus put on one of the greatest battles seen in a ring anywhere in a long, long time. The rest of the event is just the icing on the main event’s delicious cake.

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