Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Background: After several weeks of both Sting and Kurt Angle making their stances as the number one contender, the pair were put in a Triple Threat match against Christian Cage after the National Wrestling Alliance stripped the company of any NWA titles including the World Heavyweight Championship then held by Cage to crown the first TNA World Heavyweight champion.


Sacrifice 2007

Orlando, FL

May 13, 2007


Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting



Taking a step back, Christian seemed to want his opponents fight and he pick up the pieces, but they took the fight to him. It was the comedic villain getting tossed out of the ring by the fan favorites so the two good guys could eventually fight one-on-one. Angle took the early advantage in this single moment of attrition, but it was Sting who dropped his opponent first courtesy of a bulldog. Sting left the ring, attacking the fleeing champion, only to be sent into the guardrails. Cage reentered the ring, getting run through by his other challenger. Sidestepping Angle moving at high speed, Christian sent Kurt shoulder first into the steel ring post. Sting literally spit on the intended alliance between himself and the champion, putting Cage in position for his version of the Vader Bomb. Stinger Splash connected once, but Sting’s second attempt ended thanks to Angle yanking him out of the ring to perform the Olympic Slam on the floor! Angle striking Sting gave the champion a chance to recover and attack his sole standing challenger when he went to follow up with something in the ring. The fans were rallying behind Angle as Christian tried to drive him into the mat. The power slam didn’t give Cage a pin in his favor; causing him to exit the ring and knocked the rising Sting back down prior to slapping Angle around for no other reason than to fire up Kurt. Angle was taking Cage to Suplex City via a series of German suplexes.

Sting had to stop a sure pin in Angle’s favor. Sting wanted to superplex Cage when Angle ran up the ropes to German suplex Sting while his fellow challenger pulled the champ off his perch to complete the superplex! Angle went for a cover on both men, but it proved fruitless. Cage, recovering quickly, stopped a second Olympic Slam, scaling the ropes. Sting grabbed Angle, whipping him into the corner where Christian was – causing a collision that allowed Sting to Stinger Splash both men. Grabbing a stumbling Angle, Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop … to gain a near fall thanks to Cage knocking out the referee!

The action continued including Angle ankle locking both men, Sting hitting the Rock Bottom on Cage, and Christian catching Sting with a low blow. Sting countered the Unprettier by rolling up Cage just as Angle slipped in to put Sting in the ankle lock. A second referee ran out as the original reentered on the other side of the ring. The original ref counted down Cage as the new referee saw Sting tap out. Kurt grabbed the belt as he was declared the new champion.


Winner: Kurt Angle (10:47)


Is It A Classic: Due to the controversial ending, the title would be vacated, but that didn’t matter when it came to the match’s quality. While the cliffhanger didn’t allow for the show to end on a high note, the match itself was entertaining, maybe even reaching classic status with more time.


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