Brutus Beefcake vs. Billy Jack Haynes

Background: On a previous episode of Prime Time Wrestling, Billy Jack Haynes eliminated the former WWF Tag Team champion Brutus Beefcake in a battle royal, causing the future barber to fight for a measure of revenge.


Prime Time Wrestling

Orlando, TN

July 12, 1986


Brutus Beefcake vs. Billy Jack Haynes


Brutus Beefcake vs Billy Jack Haynes


To quote the late, great Gorilla Monsoon, this match kicked off with an old fashioned Pearl Harbor attack by Beefcake, leaving Haynes fighting from behind. From ringside cheered Beefcake’s second, Johnny Valiant. Haynes, stuck on the mat, was being kicked, stomped and choked. Brutus got a little too confident, giving Billy Jack the chance to recover and reverse an Irish whip into the turnbuckles. Haynes, still hurting, couldn’t take advantage of the situation he created. Beefcake went for the big fist drop, only to miss and almost be pinned via a sunset flip. Muscling Brutus into the air, Haynes landed hard thanks to his vertical suplex. The attack seemed to hurt Haynes more than Beefcake; putting Brutus in the driver’s seat again. A belly to back suplex by Beefcake dropped Haynes on the Monsoon-identified external occipital protuberance (or the middle of back of one’s cranium).

Shaking the mental cobwebs Beefcake created gave Haynes the strength to fight back as the fans cheered in approval. Big clothesline from Billy Jack was topped by Haynes’ knee drop off the middle rope … to gain a near fall!

Seeing his man in trouble, Johnny Valiant tripped a running Haynes right in front of the referee. The referee called for the bell, but the fight between the belligerent opponents was still going on. Valiant had to help Beefcake from ringside. Haynes was declared the winner via disqualification.


Winner: Billy Jack Haynes (6:01)


Is It A Classic: A solid bout. Nothing special, nothing memorable. Just two guys somewhat slowly whaling on each other until a screwy finish.


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