Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt

Background: This was a qualifying match for the 2006 TNA Team World X Cup, with the winner gaining a spot on Team TNA.



Orlando, FL

February 28, 2006


Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt 


Shelley tried to get the jump on Dutt, but ended up being double teamed by Sabin and Sonjay; taking a pair of dropkicks. With Larry Zbyszko watching from the entrance ramp, Sabin took control by dropkicking and belly-to-belly suplexing Dutt. Using his lack of honor, Shelley poked eyes and bit hands to put himself in the driver’s seat. Laying Sabin across the middle rope, Alex kicked the rope into Chris’ throat. The attack didn’t help him much as he missed his follow up frog splash. Big enzuguri from Sabin on Shelley set off a chain of events that ended with Alex Shelley almost turning Dutt inside out with the clothesline.

Returning to a vertical base, Sabin’s spinning power bomb didn’t help him win thanks to the intervening of Dutt. Power bomb to Sonjay didn’t hinder “The Playa from the Himalayas” as he converted the second power bomb attempt into a rocker dropper. Standing shooting star press by Dutt on Shelley didn’t get him the pin. Dutt was looking for something big on Alex, but got tombstoned instead. Sabin got to his feet, throwing kicks aplenty to Shelley before hoisting him up for the Cradle Shock. Dutt tried to break up the pin, but was too late and Sabin earned the victory.


Winner: Chris Sabin (4:55)


Is It A Classic: A crazy sprint, but nothing out of the ordinary for the X-Division guys during that time. It would’ve been nice to see them go ten or even fifteen minutes where they could slow things down and really get the crowd into what was going on. But for less than five minutes, they packed in a ton of action. A solid, exciting match to say the least.


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