Low Ki vs. Necro Butcher

Background: Eight months earlier at Independent Wrestling Association–Mid South’s (IWA-MS) “We’re No Joke” event, Low Ki (Kaval) took on Necro Butcher in a crazy bout that ended with Ki’s hands raised in victory. For their second encounter, Ki and Butcher locked horns in a match where the only way a person could win was by submission or knockout.


Big Ass Christmas Bash

Midlothian, IL

December 16, 2006


Low Ki vs. Necro Butcher


Low Ki vs Necro Butcher


Low Ki didn’t even wait for the bell, taking the fight to Necro Butcher until the wild man clawed his face. Big roundhouse kick from Ki rocked Butcher, but didn’t put him down. Instead, Ki got a mudhole stomped in him. Necro took the fight to the floor after Low Ki turned Butcher’s choke into an arm bar. Tossing chairs at Ki’s head didn’t help Butcher much when Ki started throwing those bone-breaking kicks. The fans were rallying behind Necro as Low Ki took his kicking assault back into the ring. Butcher, showing great toughness, survived Ki’s onslaught to punch Low Ki until both men were on the floor again. Necro used the tops of two chairs to hit a backbreaker!

The referee had to remind Butcher this wasn’t falls count anywhere. Necro turned his attention from the referee to Ki for some headbutts. Before Butcher could follow up, Ki unleashed the capo kick to Butcher’s jaw. Another sick kick on Necro’s jaw had him barely sitting on his knees. Dropkicking Necro onto the front row, Ki set up a running knee strike that almost broke Necro’s left orbital socket. Yet Necro refused to stop throwing punches. When the strikes disabled Ki for a short period of time, Butcher tried to rip Low Ki’s chest open with chops.

Butcher wanted to take this violence back inside, tossing chairs in as a precursor. To the fans’ delight, Necro hit the chair slam for a near knockout victory. When Ki started making it to his feet, Necro hit the tiger driver. Remembering the only way to win was by knockout or submission, Necro gave Ki the chance to recover and punch him in the groin. Stuck on his back, all Ki could do was up-kick. One of those kicks landed flush on Necro’s forehead. Ki followed up with some Kawada kicks that left Necro Butcher hanging over a chair. Low Ki dove off the top, double stomping Necro chest first across the top of a chair!

Rather than let Butcher get up, Ki hoisted Necro off the mat following several more kicks. When Ki went for the springboard kick, Necro clotheslined him out of midair. Almost unconventional for this type of match, Butcher wanted to put Ki to out with the sleeper hold. Ki had the wherewithal to maneuver himself near the open chair Necro brought in, hip tossing his way to freedom while slamming Butcher through the chair. Ki was wearing Butcher out, but Necro refused to be denied. Meeting on the apron, Necro stomped and punched Ki’s head. Low Ki blocked a tiger driver to the floor, dropkicking Necro into the front row again. Ki waited for Butcher to almost get up before he jumped off to double stomp his already hurt abdomen!

Rather than let Butcher be counted down, Ki rolled Necro back in. Butcher was out on his feet. Necro found himself in the tree of woe. Punching his way out of the potentially dangerous predicament, Butcher double underhook superplexed Ki for another near knockout. Like Butcher just seconds ago, Ki could barely stand until they came face to face. Ki tried to chop Butcher into the Ki Krusher, but had to change his maneuvering to lock in a triangle choke. Butcher tried his best to hold on, but eventually had to tap out.


Winner: Low Ki (23:39)


Is It A Classic: It’s absolutely insane! Low Ki and Necro Butcher brutalized each other for twenty-plus minutes, and the crowd loved every second of it. It’s not the type of match you’d want to see every show. But when it does happen, you never forgot its barbarity. Check this match out if you like your wrestling stiff and brutal.


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