Ayako Hamada vs. Mercedes Martinez

Background: With the announcement of legendary wrestler Ayako Hamada debuting for SHIMMER creating a buzz in the fan base, SHIMMER officials looked to create a dream match. Entered SHIMMER veteran and one of the top women’s wrestlers in the world, Mercedes Martinez.


SHIMMER Volume 27

Berwyn, IL

November 8, 2009


Mercedes Martinez vs. Ayako Hamada


Hamada vs Martinez


The stern collar & elbow tie ups ended in stalemates several times until Hamada gave up on trying to over power Mercedes. The two ended up almost pinning the other after several trips. A test of strength saw Hamada slam Martinez via the knuckle lock, but didn’t follow up. Instead, Hamada waited for Martinez to near her before taking Mercedes down by her legs. Hamada moved from Martinez’s base, but ended up being caught by her arms. Both women ended up in the ropes. When they got to their feet, Martinez tried to out strike Hamada, only to take a pair of dropkicks following some right hands. Missile dropkick by Ayako almost gained Martinez a win.

Mercedes Martinez avoided the moonsault, unleashing a running knee to the face, then a big boot in the same region. Hamada avoided the third boot, head-butting “The Latina Sensation”. Martinez quickly recovered, ducking an enzuguri before dropkicking the kneeling Ayako Hamada. Brain Buster by Martinez … for a near fall!

Martinez whipped Ayako off the ropes, only to be taken down by a head scissors. Hamada’s enzuguri set up for a moonsault off the top … to gain a two count!

Martinez fought back, slamming the back of Hamada’s head on the top turnbuckle before hitting a Death Valley driver. Hamada kicked out right before the three count, coming back with a savate kick off the clothesline avoidance. “The Latina Sensation” countered the power bomb, face busting Ayako. Hamada got up kicking Mercedes’ legs until Martinez was in position for the buzzsaw kick to the back of Martinez’s head. Somehow, Martinez kicked out of the Liger bomb follow up. Martinez took everything Hamada had in mind; hitting two suplexes before cradle suplexing for another two count.

Hamada stopped the Fisherman Buster, slapping the crap out of Mercedes before pulling off the top rope with a super ace crusher to pin the SHIMMER veteran.


Winner: Ayako Hamada (15:11)


Is It A Classic: It felt like these two women were made for each other. It’s one of the best examples of the American Joshi style at that time. It wasn’t about just big move-kick out-finisher-kick out. The women told a story where Hamada took as much punishment as she dished out, but Ayako was able to hit her stuff more consecutively, wearing out Martinez’s reserves before Hamada could fall herself.

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