Sting vs. Jake Roberts

Background: After his time with the World Wrestling Federation, Jake “The Snake” Roberts looked to wrestle for greener pastures (more money) in World Championship Wrestling. Immediately, Roberts joined Cactus Jack in his feud with then-WCW Heavyweight champion Sting. By the time Sting lost his championship, Roberts had defeated “The Stinger” in a eight-man tag match during the Clash of the Champions event. To finish this feud, the two men would clash in a match that would only be decided by spinning a giant, horrified roulette wheel. Spinning the wheel ended with both men agreeing to face each other in a Coal Miner’s Glove match.


Halloween Havoc

Philadelphia, PA

October 25, 1992


Sting vs. Jake Roberts


Sting vs Jake Roberts Halloween Havoc


On a pole attached to one of the ring posts hung the coal miner’s glove. Roberts smartly tried to use Sting’s love for the fans’ adulation to make a run for the glove. Sting stopped “The Snake”, as did Roberts seconds later to Sting when “The Stinger” made a climb. Sting tried to pick up the pace, but ended up missing a dropkick that slammed Sting’s back against the mat. The action spilled to the floor; with Roberts meeting the steel ring post left shoulder first. With “The Snake” stunned, Sting made a climb for the glove. Instead, Sting was belly to back suplexed by his opponent.

Both men were looking for a big maneuver to put the other down long enough so they could make a climb. Sting kept on his focus on Roberts’ left arm, but “The Snake” had no problems getting dirty to keep Sting down. One way was by whacking Sting in the back with a chair. Another dirty maneuver was Roberts using his wrist tape to choke Sting. The fans got behind Jake when he signaled for the DDT. A louder ovation occurred seconds later when Jake actually hit his patented maneuver. Somehow, Sting easily rolled onto the apron and stopped Jake from climbing the pole by swinging around the pole like Batman.

As Sting made a climb for the glove, Cactus Jack ran out to give Roberts his cobra snake. When Jake turned around to throw the snake on Sting, Sting whacked Roberts in the back of his head. Jake collapsed, being pinned by Sting and bitten on his face by his own snake.


Winner: Sting (10:27)


Is It A Classic: No. The psychology is sound, but the execution is horribly disappointing. And it was the main event no less. There’s nothing you need to see here.

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